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Peanut Mutter Rescue

Toronto, ON

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, advocate for and facilitate responsible animal care through adoption, education, sterilization and community outreach in efforts to end companion animal homelessness.

Adoption Policy

We have a thorough interviewing and matching process which will ensure that our candidates and mutters are best suited for each other based on the mutters individual needs. PMR has a unique process whereby all apps are viewed as general applications, even if you have applied for a specific dog. For any questions regarding this process and why we do it, please refer to our FAQs. At this time, we only have the resources to contact applicants that we will be moving forward with. If your application has been approved, there will be a pre-screen sent out prior to booking an interview with a list of tasks and research to prepare in advance. Should you accept the terms and conditions listed in the pre-screen, an adoption coordinator will be in touch to schedule a ZOOM interview whereby all members of the household must be present. Each interview will be conducted by TWO adoption coordinators and this is one of the many things that make us different, as we are the first local rescue to implement this process. The interview lasts approximately 1 hour. We pride ourselves on being extremely thorough pre, during and post adoption. Following the interview, should we decide to move forward with your application, we will reach out to your personal references, veterinarian and landlord (if applicable). A virtual home check will also be conducted as part of our approval process in lieu of an in person home visit. Once the interview process has been completed, if approved, you will be matched with the mutter we feel is best suited for your family. If the dog is in foster care, we will set up a meet and greet with the foster and prospective mutter. All household members must attend, as well as existing pets (if applicable). The adoption coordinator will then inform you whether or not we believe this mutter would be a good match for your family and whether you are approved for said mutter. A meet and greet is not a guarantee for adoption. In the event that your family is not selected, we would be happy to recommend another mutter and/or facilitate another meet and greet. Once approved, you will have 24 hrs to pay your adoption fee to and sign/complete the adoption agreement. Your new mutter must be picked up from our fosters within 72 hrs of adoption to open space for another life in need. Once you have read all of our FAQs, understand our adoption process and have decided you would like to proceed with adopting a mutter, please fill out an application.

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