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CARF Canada Dog Rescue

50 Carroll Street
Toronto, ON M4M 3G3

Our Mission

CARF’s mission is centered around the following key goals:

Creating and raising awareness of proper animal care;
Fostering and caring for abandoned and neglected stray dogs;
Rehoming abandoned and neglected dogs with suitable adopters.

Adoption Policy

At CARF Canada, we have an open-door policy, meaning that we are here to help no matter the situation! At any time should you not be able to keep the adopted dog, as per the adoption contract, the adopted dog must legally be returned to CARF Canada. We believe that we are in the best position to foster and rehome the adopted dog and we do not judge as we realize that unexpected events can happen and one's circumstances can change.

Prior to Adoption Day, please provide the following:

1. Adoption Contract – please sign it, scan it, and send a digital copy to – we will counter-sign and send a copy of the executed Contract back to you for your files.
2. Home or Apartment Insurance - please submit a digital copy of your insurance policy via email.
3. Collar, Harness & Dog Tag – we ask that our Adopters provide either 1) a collar with ID tag plus a harness, or 2) a Martingale collar with ID tag. As a rescue, we need to reuse their existing collar for another dog in the future. Please send us a picture of the new collar, harness, and tag prior to the pick-up date (for confirmation and for our files).
4. Adoption Fee – please e-transfer the adoption fee of $750.00 to

On Adoption Day, please bring with you:

1. Collar, Harness & Leash or Martingale Collar & Leash - please make sure the collar/harness is appropriately fitted. In most cases, it is best to use a harness for walking, especially with small breeds. If you do not want to use a harness, then you must use a Martingale collar otherwise your dog can easily slip out of its collar and escape. Do NOT use a 'Flexi-leash' under any circumstances as they are very dangerous leashes!
2. Dog Tag - the dog tag must have your dog's name and your phone number on it. We highly recommend getting an Apple Air Tag or Tractive GPS for your dog as rescue dogs have a propensity for running away when they get spooked or are in unfamiliar surroundings. Note, all dogs need time ‘off-leash’ to run and be free so please make use of the many off-leash parks.

Within the first two weeks:

1. Register your dog with the City of Toronto (or applicable municipality to obtain a mandatory license as required under the MUNICIPAL CODE.
2. Join our CARF Happy Tails Facebook group and provide regular updates! So many volunteers (in Curacao and Toronto) have been involved in the rescue, transport, fostering, and adoption of your newest family member. So, it's only natural to want to see our 'Carfie's' resulting happiness living their best life.
3. Our dogs are usually microchipped during their spay/neuter surgery; however, if for some reason, your dog isn’t microchipped then this must be completed and you need to provide us with the microchip number.
4. Please arrange a checkup for your new dog with your veterinarian within the first two weeks.
5. Vet Records: Before your appointment, please send an email with your vet's information, including the clinic name, vet's name, and email to, and we will have our veterinarian's office send the dog's health records over.
***Please send the request no less than 72 hours before your appointment***
If you have booked your dog's appointment under a new name, please keep in mind your dog's adoptable name will be on the records our vet forwards, and you'll need to advise your vet clinic of this.

All dogs over 6 months of age are spayed/neutered, and up to date on vaccines and flea/tick/heartworm preventative. Even though a dog may be transported from Curacao to Canada during the winter, they must still be given the flea/tick preventative for 6 months after arriving in Canada to kill any eggs or larvae that may be inside them.

Please note we are a volunteer organization that is 100% dependent on donations and adoption fees to cover the transport of dogs from Curacao to Toronto, spay/neuter operations, vaccinations, preventatives for heartworm and tick-borne diseases, food for the duration of foster care, and supplies (collars, leashes, tags, sweaters/coats, beds, crates, treats, biodegradable poop bags, & toys). As such, we only complete basic vetting and urgent vetting as recommended by our vet.

After Two Weeks:

Please send us an update (with photos) on how the transition is going. This requirement is mandatory!

Training Needs

We recommend training for all our dogs as we find most of our adopters need at least one session to see significant results in leash walking and confidence. Even the most experienced dog owner can benefit from a session with a professional dog trainer.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets