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Feline Friends Network

Stratford, ON

Our Mission

Based in Stratford, Ontario, Feline Friends Network began in 2006 to humanely end the problems of cat overpopulation and homelessness in our area.

We hope to see a day when every cat may be deemed to be of value, with the opportunity to live a full and natural life. Our vision for the future? Each life respected... and protected.

We recognize that cat overpopulation and homelessness cannot be solved by adoption alone – there are simply too many cats, and not enough good homes. Therefore, our emphasis centres on spay/neuter and education programs.

FFN is a 100% volunteer-run, incorporated non-profit organization, and a registered charity.

Adoption Policy

Cats/Kittens are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated including rabies and have received a treatment of revolution (flea combination wormer)  Adoption fee is $150.00 per cat and $175.00 per kitten

We do a 1 week and 3 week follow up call to make sure the cat is fitting into your home and if not will place the cat back into our foster care program.  We do ask you give a 2 week trial period for the cat to adjust to its new surroundings.

We also have a foster to adopt program which is similar to the adoption process but allows you to foster the cat to see if he/she will fit in with your resident pets.


Recommended Pets

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