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Our Mission

Our mission as an all volunteer rescue group is simple: to find loving homes for stray, abused and unwanted dogs and cats. Some have suffered terribly, but their resilience and capacity for forgiveness are remarkable. Without exception, whatever the extent of the miseries they have undergone, cats and dogs have an inextinguishable ability not only to experience happiness themselves but to bring deep and lasting happiness to their human families.

By adopting one of our spayed or neutered animals, or any of the other animals posted by rescues and shelters on Petfinder, you will be saving a life and opening a place in rescue for another animal in need.

'Adopt don't shop.' Many people will have heard the catchphrase that is gaining ever greater worldwide currency . Far from being an empty slogan, these three ethically resonant words express both a heartfelt plea on behalf of the friendless and the exploited, and an increasingly realistic hope for societal change which reflects evolving attitudes about our responsibilities to the animals in our midst. Thousands upon thousands of dogs and cats desperately need homes. Their plight is a standing reproach against the society that allows it to continue. They deserve our compassion.

For more information on any of our animals, please call (416) 3187867

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets