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Adoption Policy

There is a trial period of 12 days during which the dog will be living with the Adoptive Parent. After this trial period Adoptive Parent becomes legal owner of the dog.

Trial period begins from the date this agreement is signed.

An adoption donation of $1000 is due at signing. The adoption donation is not a purchase price, but covers cost of transportation and documents is therefore, non-refundable after the 12 day trial period when adoption is finalized.

Adoptive Parent is responsible for dog’s safety (microchip registration, leash, harness, etc). Note: all our dogs come with microchips.

During the trial period, the Adoptive Parent agrees to keep in touch with our representative and provide updates of the dog’s well being.

Adoptive Parent agrees to allow CArescueTeam Representative to visit their home during the trial period to check on the well-being of the dog.

Adoptive Parent agrees to contact CArescueTeam Representative in case any health issues occur during the trial period.

In the event Adoptive Parent surrenders the dog to CArescueTeam during the trial period, he/she must write a detailed explanation with the reasons for the return and deliver the dog to the foster home or other place specified by a CArescueTeam representative. In the event of the return, Adoptive Parent is entitled to a partial adoption fee reimbursement of full amount minus $50.

In the event the animal escapes from Adoptive Parents and goes missing during the trial period, Adoptive Parent agrees to contact first Animal Control and then CArescueTeam IMMEDIATELY and follow the instructions provided.

CArescueTeam has a right to remove the dog from Adoptive Parent home and null the agreement at any point during the 12 day trial period if CArescueTeam sees fit.

Adoptive Parent agrees to comply with all province and local laws governing licensing and ownership of animals.

Adoptive Parent agrees to keep the dog as an indoor pet (i.e. supervised time outside only).

The adapter agrees to receive phone calls and/or visits from CArescueTeam representative to check on the adjustment and progress of the animal.

Adoptive Parent agrees to contact CArescueTeam IMMEDIATELY if he/she is having problems with the dog’s behaviour, health issues, dog is missing or can no longer keep the animal.

The adapter has been advised by CArescueTeam of any and all known adverse behavior problems and agrees to hold CArescueTeam harmless. The adopter will be responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property that may be caused by the animal after he or she takes custody and possession of it.

Adoptive Parent agrees that this animal will NEVER be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility; only re-homing is acceptable.

CArescueTeam agrees to provide the Adoptive Parent with all available information about the dog prior to the adoption. CArescueTeam is not responsible for dog’s character or behavior.

CArescueTeam agrees to provide the Adoptive Parent with all necessary initial instructions and answer any questions to the best of our ability.

CArescueTeam agrees to provide any documentation that is available regarding dog’s health and identity (passport, vaccination records, etc.) upon final adoption.

CArescueTeam agrees to be available for support, advice and assistance in matters regarding the dog (within group’s capabilities).

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