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Don't Furry, Be Happy Animal Rescue

Newmarket, ON

Our Mission

We are a family-run not-for-profit animal rescue in Newmarket, ON, Canada, whose mission is to help save animals from unneccessary euthanasia, abuse, homelessness, and abandonment. Animals are placed into foster homes & eventually matched with their FURever parents, whilst others are adopted directly by their new family!

Adoption Policy

*Fostering is sort of like pet-sitting. We provide supplies & cover necessary vetting of the animals as they are still under our rescue care but you provide a home for them to live in until they are adopted.
*foster-to-adopt is basically adoption but you have a 2 week trial period before fully committing to adoption. This is a great way to ensure you and the animal are a good fit for one another. We do not provide supplies to foster-to-adopt families. There are specific circumstances where we cannot offer the foster-to-adopt option. for instance, if you do not live near our partner vets.
*Note: in both cases, if any vetting is required, we will cover the expenses as long as the animals are seen by our partner vet in Mississauga, ON, on occasion we have availability at a vet clinic in Aurora, ON.

Q: how does the adoption process work?
We require an adoption application to be filled out, then we carry out a Phone interview + home/yard tour virtually, then a reference check, and finally, a legally-binding contract. We do not take rehoming an animal lightly and thus, must ensure they are not going to be rehomed again or experience any further trauma.

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