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Our Mission

Promoting "Guardianship" and now 'ownership' of these loving feline companions!

We like to call our place a "LET LIVE SAFE HAVEN" where cats can hopefully stay for their lifetimes if they don't find their forever homes. For more than 25 years, 800-+ cats have passed through our doors, most all of them from the streets. Many are seriously injured or sick and would never have survived without intervention. Others we saved moments from euthanasia. As soon as they are well, they are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and we insure our adopters that they are healthy before they leave. Sometimes a cat will need extended care & treatments therefore our requested donation fee of $165 most always will barely cover our costs. But we have done the hard work and the cat only needs you for the TLC and your commitment to care for him/her for it's lifetime as a member of your family. Matching the right kitty to the right cat companion is our priority. We hear back from adopters many years later and many have come back to re-adopt~!

Also you may donate to the United Way and Donate-a-Car Canada when you wish to dispose of your old vehicle.

As we are not funded by any government agencies, we rely solely on the generous support of animal lovers who understand the great need of neglected and abandoned souls who need someone to speak for them. We are always grateful for the very kind donations from our wonderful past adopters and those who may not know us but understand our plight.

HOW YOU CAN HELP~ Whether a one-time donation or a monthly Gift this is the only way we can continue to save these little souls that we sometimes find at the brink of death. Some of our cats are seniors who need special food or dental work. We promised them from Day 1 that they would receive the best of care and to do this we rely on the ongoing support and generosity of wonderful animal lovers.
Our expenses include:
Heating expense for 3 buildings
Ongoing Veterinary expenses
Cleaning supplies, special food for certain cats,
Litter, cost of disposal of litter/garbage
Urgent major electrical repairs before November2011.

A great big furry Hug and Thank You to the donors and past loyal adopters who have continued to support us and our new feline human friends through THE UNITED WAY and CANADA HELPS and Donate-a-Car Canada!

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE through CANADA HELPS.ORG ( pls. search for our shelter:
Cat-a-Match Rescue) THANK YOU~!
CANADA HELPS will automatically send a tax receipt for all donations!

Adoption Policy

It is important that BEFORE contacting us by phone or e-mail that you agree with the ADOPTION CRITERIA below. PRIOR TO VISITING THE SHELTER we require an APPLICATION therefore you must FIRST CONTACT US BY PHONE 613-209-1105 or EMAIL us at: to REQUEST our application
Adopting the right animal companion is a lifetime commitment. You will receive from us valuable information about the health and behavior regarding any pets that you have an interest to adopt, as well as the latest information on pet care. We want to insure that both you and the pet you choose are a purrfect match.
Among our Criteria for accepting you as a potential adopter, are:
-Should you be under 25 and meet all other criteria we will consider your application based on further discussion; ie, cats are territorial animals, unlike dogs therefore it is important to consider should your career demands or lifestyle may require you to re-locate often.
-You must be gainfully employed
-You must provide a vet reference or, 2 personal references
-Agree to keep your newly adopted kitties either: INDOORS only or Tethered under supervision or, in a properly built CAT ENCLOSURE (you can find enclosures for any type of yard or window online).
-Your present cats must be altered and vaccinated
-You must agree to an adoption follow-up visit

(we will provide you with ample information and suggestions~! This procedure is prohibited in many countries and becoming more and more discontinued!)

After we have reviewed and if your application is approved in about a day or 2 we will contact you to make an appointment for you to come and visit all of our resident kitties and during your visit you will have ample time to get to know all the cats and see which ones you are most attracted to and make that 'special connection! We will provide you with each cat's history of those that you like and make suggestions as to which ones would best suit your lifestyle based on your application and expectations.
You will only have to make one trip to the shelter (1 hour east of Ottawa just off the 417 or 35 minutes from West Island Montreal) because when you visit it has been our experience that 95% of people fall in love with more than one feline that fits their lifestyle so you return home to ponder on your decision and then contact us to discuss your choices. If we are all in agreement then WE BRING THE NEW KITTY TO YOU! It is also doubly beneficial that the cat enter it's new 'home territory' with someone that he knows which makes the transition quicker and considerably less stressful.

Our requested donation for adoption is $185.00 ($190 for kittens), and a small donation for our delivery cost. This adoption donation often covers only a minimal amount of the costs we must expend for veterinary services, etc.. We will then sign the ADOPTION CONTRACT when we arrive with kitty.
LIFETIME RETURN POLICY: We offer a Lifetime Return Policy, and we ask that if for any reason you are unable to keep the cat that it is returned to us. Because we go the extra mile to insure you will have a healthy and well adjusted cat, we ask that you will keep him safe and well cared for it's lifetime (veterinary visits every year or 2 years, no vaccinations required if kitty will not be introduced to a new cat), and respect our adoption terms and policies of adoption as outlined in our Adoption Application and Contract.

As of January 2019 there are 49 lovely happy felines waiting for their special forever homes! Some of our cats are not listed as some are being socialized and others are feral but all cats are neutered/spayed. If you have a small hobby farm or stable and would be interested in these cats please email us to discuss details.

Cats in the main shelter go in & out~! Image 2 Our outdoor secure Cat Enclosures w/Tunnel CAT-A-MATCH RESCUE & SANCTUARY Image 5 SWEET LITTLE MIRIN LOVES PPL~!

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