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ALICE's ONEderland

Mississauga, ON

Our Mission

PHILOSOPHY: Alice's ONEderland (also known as A-ONE) is a place where dreams come true.

Alice embodies all that is compassion and kindness. An acronym for All Life Is Created Equal, we think her name says it all. Alice is a happy lass. She is a free Spirit. She is full of life. She is pure Joy.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, our mission is to create a world where all animals have the opportunity to experience the same Joy and Happiness that Alice experiences …. One animal at a time.

All of the animals in the A-ONE family have been vetted, spayed/neutered (unless they are too young in which case they will be done at the appropriate age) are up to date on their vaccines and are microchipped.

A-ONE's goal is to create Heaven on Earth for all of us, equally …. Human and nonhuman, alike.

ABOUT US: We are an all-volunteer organization of 3 people. We still have full time jobs. This is a passion we have been pursuing for over 4 decades. We have worked with many, many organizations both locally and internationally. At the encouragement of many folks, we finally decided to start our own organization.

Our vision is a little different than most organizations. We don’t have a website nor do we do social media. Because we are small and working full-time, we focus on the animals. Period. No fanfare. No fuss. And though we have tons of testimonials, we don’t share those either. We prefer to let our work speak for itself. That, and word of mouth has kept us busier than we can handle.

We want people to go within when finding their pet Soulmate. We Know if you follow your Heart, you will never go wrong. When an animal feels right, you just Know it. It’s a feeling you cannot shake. It’s also a life changing moment. This is not something we feel one should look to external means to qualify or validate. Not for us, anyway.

For us, it’s a Heart thing, not a head thing. These are the adopters we insist on.

May your Heart lead the way to a match made from Heaven.

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Recommended Pets