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Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

Hanover, ON

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a lifelong home for hard to adopt domestic and farmed animals due to temperament, age, ability and kind; creating a safer place for senior and special needs animals. And to find loving forever homes for those animals who are able to be adopted.

Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue extends a safe place for animals to live out their lives with love, dignity and respect. Leading by example, we demonstrate compassion and love to create an environment that recognizes the individual trait of each animal

Adoption Policy

Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescues has a 3 step adoption process.

1. Potential forever homes must complete our adoption application

2. Each of our potential homes will have their 3 references checked

3. Once the references have been approved, we conduct a meet and greet, so we can meet the potential families and make sure the cat is the right fit. At the meet and greet (if everything goes well) we sign the adoption contract and the cat can go home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets