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Molson's Foster Friends

Hamilton, ON

Our Mission

Our Mission: Our mission is to save dogs at risk in Ontario shelters.

Our goal is to intake dogs in need, help them be the best version of themselves while in foster care, and facilitate the best adoption match possible. We accomplish this by investing into our foster homes to help them provide training, guidance and love to help our dogs blossom. In foster care we get to know our dogs’ personalities and needs so we are able to make the best possible match for them. We are also committed to learning about our adopters to support them in finding their best match and continuing to help dogs grow post-adoption.

Our Values: Communication, transparency, ethical treatment, training, and growing as a rescue to service our dogs best.
Our Vision: We aim to keep Molson’s Foster Friends as a small rescue group to ensure sustainability and a commitment to our current dogs in care, and ability to support past dogs in care if needed.

Adoption Policy

1. Adoption application: Email for an adoption application!

2. Reference checks: landlord (if applicable), vet (if applicable), and personal references will be called to verify information about you and your experience with dogs.

3. Home visit/interview: everyone in the home must be present for the home visit and interview - it's important that everyone is on board to be present and participate in the interview.

4. Meet and greet: Everyone must be present for the meet and greet. We welcome more than one meet and greet if not everyone can make it to the first one, or if it's best to do more than one with other pets in the home. We never do same day adoptions, make sure to go home and sleep on your decision! We always want to focus on it being the best fit for everyone.

5. Adoption finalization: Once the adoption contract and fee come in, we can plan a pickup day!

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