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Northern Dogs Project - IFAW

Guelph, ON

Our Mission

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) works around the world to rescue individual animals, protect entire populations and preserve precious habitat.  IFAW's Northern Dogs Project works with Canadian First Nations to develop humane and sustainable dog management programs that are culturally relevant and community specific. The objective is to keep dogs with their owners in the community however dogs who are not wanted or who require medical attention are rehomed through the Project.

Adoption Policy

IFAW's Northern Dogs Project helps northern communities to humanely and sustainably manage their dog populations.  As a result of working in communities providing services such as education and vet clinics, some dogs are identified for rehoming - whether they be unwanted, injured or abandoned. Most of the Northern Dogs are free roaming, which simply means they are not contained by fences or leashes – they are literally roaming free. Because of this, they are able to find food, water, and shelter if it is not provided for them and this makes them smart and resourceful! While in the communities, the dogs can be

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets