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Upper Credit Humane Society

5383 Trafalgar road
Erin, ON N0B 1T0

Our Mission

We protect, educate and serve to provide for the humane care of animals and encourage responsible pet ownership.

- Protect animals in need
- Maintain high standards of animal health and welfare in a safe and clean environment
- Find suitable homes for shelter animals
- Promote humane treatment of animals through education
- Uphold municipal animal by-laws
- Maintain financial stability through donations and fundraising initiatives

Adoption Policy

We are thrilled you are considering adoption and our staff are eager to assist you! Our goal is to help you find your best-fit companion and provide the animals in our care with a second chance at a happy home.

We ask that you make an appointment by calling us at 519-833-2287. Why? Some of the animals in our care are in foster homes, so if they are one of the pets you would like to meet we will coordinate the time with their foster. We also want to ensure that you have time to spend with the animal(s) you are interested in without interruption. Our shelter is small and too many visitors at once can become overwhelming for the animals.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, all family members residing in the home must meet the animal prior to adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog and already have a dog in the family, a meet-and-greet will be scheduled with the dogs to ensure their compatibility.

When you have decided which animal is right for you, you will complete an application form that includes questions about your family’s lifestyle, other animals that are part of your family, and the care this animal will require, such as diet, housing, veterinary care, socialization, etc. The application helps the UCHS staff determine if your expectations and lifestyle are a good match with the animal you are interested in adopting.

We do accept multiple applications for animals that are in high demand e.g. puppies to ensure we place the animal in the most suitable home.

It is important to us that adopters find the animal that best fits them. A UCHS staff member will follow-up with the applicant(s) to learn more about them, and get a clear understanding of what they are looking for when adding an animal to their family. This is also an opportunity for applicants to ask additional questions, and receive guidance about introducing the animal to its new home.

Once your application is approved, the adoption will be finalized in a separate visit to allow you time to prepare your home. When you take your animal home, you will be provided with an adoption kit, microchip registration information, and the medical records for your animal. A staff member will follow-up with you a week to 10 days after you take the animal home to see if how the animal is settling in. You are encouraged to phone the shelter if you have any questions or concerns within the first 2 weeks of having the animal home with you.

If you have questions about our adoption process, please contact the shelter at 519-833-2287 or via email at

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