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The Cats of Paint Lake

1028 Paint Lake Rd.
Dorset, ON P0A 1E0

Our Mission

To provide a safe haven for stray, abandoned and feral cats by providing them with needed medical, social, emotional and physical care in our Rescue Centre, with a goal of finding each cat a loving home when they are individually ready for adoption.

To create a community in support of the welfare of rescued cats while bringing awareness and education to the broader issues of abandoned and feral cats.

Adoption Policy

Initial contact - web, phone, etc. We ask people who are interested to proceed to the Adoption Questionnaire stage before going further in the process.) From there, the steps are:

1. Adoption Questionnaire
2. Phone call/interview
3. Appointment to come to the rescue centre to meet cats. We make suggestions about cats that the potential adopter may wish to meet, based upon the information provided in their Adoption Questionnaire. We try to make a good match between adopter and cat. Sort of like a 'cat matchmaking service'.
4. Usually, a break between visit and pickup of cat (time to consider and be certain of the choice being made, given all the information about the individual animal's needs.) References can be contacted at this time.
5. Adoption Contract Signing / Adoption Fee payment. Cat goes home with adopter.
6. Follow-up call(s)/message(s) during settling in period. Ongoing support and assessment as required.

We have a no-harm/no-foul policy on returning an adopted cat if things aren't working out after a month or two. We prefer this to surrendering the animal elsewhere. We also have a foster-to-adopt option, where adopters can try the placement on first and see how it works out before making the final choice to adopt. We have only had one cat returned, and she has since been placed elsewhere and is thriving.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets