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Keeshond Rescue Ontario Inc.

Cumberland Beach, ON

Our Mission

KRO is a homeless Keesie's soft place to land.


Keeshond Rescue Ontario provides temporary care for Keeshonden who are homeless. Sometimes, a beloved family pet is surrendered due to illness or other changes in the family's life. In other cases, a backyard or high volume breeder goes out of business, or a puppy mill is shut down. Regardless of the circumstances, these dogs need help and KRO is ready and willing to step up.


While in KRO's care, rescue Kees are fostered with an approved volunteer. The dogs live with a loving family who treat the foster like one of their own pets. The dog is examined by a vet and provided with the care needed for optimal health: vaccinations are brought up to date and dogs are treated for parasites, if necessary. We gently groom the dog to restore the coat to its full glory, doing everything within our ability to avoid shaving their beautiful fur.


And then we watch and we wait for the Keesie to show us who he or she is: Does she have noise phobias? Is he afraid of other dogs? This is the time-consuming part of rescue but it is time well spent. Finding that perfect home with that perfect family cannot be rushed. Our adoption application process is rigorous and we make no apologies for that. As a potential adoptive home, you must provide character and vet references and you can expect a home visit where a KRO volunteer visits to ensure you are able to provide for all of the Keesie's needs.


Finally, if circumstances change and the adoptive home can no longer keep their Kees, the dog must be returned to KRO.

When a Keeshond lands in KRO's care, we act as its safety net for life.

Adoption Policy

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