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Hearts to Homes Feline Rescue & Sanctuary

Brantford, ON

Our Mission

Mission Statement - End the suffering - Adopt, Foster, Neuter, Educate.

Hearts to Homes is a foster based, volunteer run rescue committed to reducing cat overpopulation in our community, helping families keep their pets, and easing the suffering of the starving, sick & injured cats & kittens rescued from the street.

We do this by:

Ensuring all cats & kittens that come into our care are seen by a vet and treated as necessary;

Finding homes for stray & abandoned cats/kittens;

Helping families who cannot otherwise afford it - get their cats spayed/neutered/vaccinated & seen by a vet;

Assisting colony caretakers with trap/neuter/return to field (TNR) of community (feral) cats.


Adoption Policy

Our adoption process includes an interview, an agreement with a reference and we deliver the cat(s). We have two big asks that form part of the agreement – 1) that you agree not to declaw and 2) that you agree not to let the cat roam free outdoors. Please note that for kittens, we look for them to be adopted into a home with another active, playful cat or to be adopted in pairs. We have found that kittens do best developmentally with feline companionship.

When adopting, we ask adopters to consider the following:

1. consider the time commitment; cats live 15 - 20 years;

2. consider the financial commitment of food, litter, annual veterinary care;

3. if renting, ensure the acceptability of pets to your landlord;

4. commit to keeping the cat safe and commit to not de-clawing.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets