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It Takes A Village Dog Rescue

Athens, ON

Our Mission

1. To rescue dogs from situations that are abusive, endangering and neglectful, included but not limited to shelters; stray dogs; owner surrenders; transfers from other canine rescues or networks

2. To provide foster homes for these dogs

3. To provide necessary veterinary care

4. To promote the importance of spay and neutering

5. To assist others with referrals to low cost spay/neuter programs.

6. To place rescued dogs into permanent adoptive homes

7. Build and maintain a network with other rescue groups for rescues dogs.

Adoption Policy

Hopeful adopters must fill out an adoption application. All applications are screened and potential matches are contacted. Follow up questions are emailed. A phone call is set up to clarify any questions about the adoption process. At that point the fosters are provided the contact information for the potential adopters. They set up a meet and greet at the fosters home. During the meet the foster will tell the potential adopter the good, the bad. and the ugly about the dog... we want total transparency in order to have an open and successful adoption. After the meet we ask the fosters and the adopters their thoughts. If the adopter would like to proceed, their references are checked and a virtual home visit is conducted. If the adoptable dog has any sort of behavioural or medical issues a plan to address the issue would be required before adoption could proceed. If all is good then the adoption contract is sent out to be signed and returned along with the adoption fee.
The foster is given the green light to arrange pick up.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets