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Our Mission

Since 2010, Paws Across Borders Society has operated as a non-profit Society that takes in unwanted dogs, rehabilitates them, and finds them loving, forever homes. We take in dogs from high-kill shelters in the United States and Canada, owner surrenders, and dogs that would otherwise be chained out or in a pen for the rest of their lives. We take them into our home, socialize them with other dogs, cats, and people. They are taught some manners and given structure. Once they are deemed adoptable, they are placed into their new homes.

We are not a standard shelter where the dogs are in concrete runs and have limited human contact. The dogs are given freedom here and a chance to build their confidence and develop their personality. We require an application be completed prior to meeting any of our dogs. It takes 5 minutes and is found on the Adoption Process page. We live on a farm with lots of critters, so we show our dogs by appointment only

Adoption Policy

Our dogs are kept in a doggy daycare-like environment, where they gain much needed socialization and confidence.  Various negative behaviours are worked on, like barking, jumping, and housebreaking, as well as basic obedience training.  They are crated periodically, which gets them used to being in a crate.  The dogs are fully vaccinated, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  They are fed a mix of foods, primarily premium brand foods to facilitate weight gain, physical and mental development, and a healthy coat and teeth.  

Our adoption fee is 450 dollars, CASH ONLY, no cheques. 
The cost of the dogs is only to recover SOME of the costs associated with rescuing the dog and not for profit.  The adoption fee helps us pay for vet bills, transport fees, food and other doggy necessities. 

Upon adoption, training tips are provided for behaviour issues and discounted training costs if the new owner desires training for their new dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets