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Our Mission

Our Mission
To nurture the physical and psychological welfare of discarded, unwanted and often abused animals
To adopt each animal to a suitable and caring home
To promote humane attitudes and responsible pet ownership through public education
To eliminate euthanasia as a means of controlling pet overpopulation
To protect and maintain the rights and dignity of all living things

Adoption Policy

If you’ve thought it over and feel ready to give a loving pet a forever home, we’d love to help you! Here’s how it works.

Step One:
Take a look at our adoptable cats! Take a look on Petfinder, our website (, our Facebook Page (The New Victoria County SPCA) or visit us at the shelter.

Step Two:
To start the adoption process, you’ll need to fill out our Adoption Application. You have 2 options:
1) Fill out the online form (
2)Visit the shelter and fill the form out.

Step Three:
Our adoption committee, made up of volunteers, will review your application and contact you.

Step Four:
Pay your adoption fee. An important part of pet ownership (as if anyone really owns a cat!) is the realization that a visit to a vet, at least on an annual basis, will be required. Your new cat has had a series of vaccinations and has also been spayed(girls) or neutered (guys) to prepare them for their new home. All of this costs money and must be raised by VCSPCA volunteers. To help offset the cost of getting your new cat ready for you to love, we have an adoption fee of $75.00.

Step Five:
Unconditional Love

We are here to connect these loving pets with their forever homes. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Phone: 506-356-1117 Email: Facebook:

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets