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Dedicated Registered Charity, devoted to assisting rural First Nations Communities with dog overpopulation.

Adoption Policy

Step 1: Adoption Application: Complete the adoption form

Step 2: Phone Screening: Once your adoption application has been received, selected applicants will be contacted by one of K9 Adoption Team members who will do a phone screening with you. This is an opportunity to go over your adoption application and discuss the K9 adoption process.

Step 3: Meeting the K9 Advocacy Dog: If you meet the preliminary screening criteria, your contact information will be passed along to the foster parent of the dog you're interested in. The Adoption Coordinator will connect you with the foster parent to set up an initial meeting between you and the K9 Advocacy dog. This meeting may take place at the foster parent's home or somewhere you mutually agree upon. This gives you a chance to meet the dog and gives the foster parent or team member a chance to meet you.

Step 4: References, vet checks and home visit: If you feel the dog will be a good fit in your home, references will be called and verified. Vet checks and home visit may be required.

Step 5: Two week trial period will begin: Arrangements will be made to have the K9 dog transferred into your home. A chat will be arranged with our adoption team to answer any questions you have while completing the trial

Step 6: Finalizing the Adoption: If both you and the team member agree to move forward with the adoption, arrangements can be made to finalize the adoption.

Adoption fee can be transferred to:

Puppy: $500 (under 6 months)
Teen/Adult: $400 (over 6 months)
Small Breed: $500
Senior: $200 (over 7 years)

The adoption fee includes:
Rabies Vaccine
Parvo/Distemper vaccines
            -Puppy under 6 months will require 3 shots (held 1 month apart)
            -Dogs over 6 months will require 2 shots (held 1 month apart)
2-3 dewormings
4DX test is required (screen for hearworm and tick-borne infections)

Adoption Application

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