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Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue

Winnipeg, MB

Our Mission


We have high demand for foster homes for small, medium, large dogs, puppies and adults! If you can open up your home and your heart to a foster, please contact us at


Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue is a volunteer operated, non-profit rescue group located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We not only rescue Border Collies and Border Collie mixes, but any dog in need that crosses our path and has been surrendered, neglected or dumped in a pound and help them to find permanent, loving homes.

Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue places dogs with loving foster families, who care for the dogs until they find their forever homes. The foster families and volunteers are the foundation of HHBCR and we couldn't operate without them!

Adoption Policy

For Border Collies, HHBCR has strict guidelines for adopting this breed. Border Collies are extremely high energy, high intelligence dogs. They are known as "The Einsteins of the Dog World". That being said, they are also a breed that has many bizarre and peculiar behaviours. They can be obsessive compulsive, very focused and many have the deep rooted need to herd. They will herd cats, other dogs and children. This can cause a problem in families with small kids.

For other breeds, HHBCR will similarly ensure that guidelines are followed suitable for that breed.

While each dog has its very own unique personality, one must seriously research the breed before deciding to bring one into their home.

For this reason, Hull's Haven will have many questions for any prospective adopter, and reserves the right to refuse anyone deemed unsuitable.

HHBCR's adoption fee ($400 for puppies $400 for small breeds, $350 for most medium/large breeds, and $250for se

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