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HP Okanagan (dba Helping Paws Okanagan)

Penticton, BC

Our Mission

We facilitate adoption in B.C., WA, and OR of dogs abandoned in Texas. We work directly with a select number of dedicated, professional volunteer groups, rescues, veterinarians and transporters in Texas. Our dogs are all vaccinated, spay/neutered, microchipped and treated for parasites

Adoption Policy

Adopters complete an online application. Applications are reviewed for best-fit family, fenced yard, own home vs rent, other family members (human and fur), lifestyle etc. Applications are ranked and we interview the applicants, then speak with their vet reference and at least two personal references who know how they are with dogs. We do a home check (remotely) via photos, video and video conference, including check of entire fenceline of yard. Other pets demeanours are also checked out. Learn more about us at

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