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Cross Our Paws Rescue

North Vancouver, BC

Our Mission

CROSS OUR PAWS is a Canadian, not-for-profit animal rescue organization with foster homes located throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who love animals and have joined together to help rescue (since 2006), provide medical care, rehabilitate and re-home abused, abandoned, homeless animals. Many times we rescue animals (primarily dogs) who have found themselves unwanted and lost in our “local” shelters and are facing serious challenges due to stress or temperament issues.

Adoption Policy

Cross Our Paws' adoptions begin with filling out an adoption application (must be over 23 years old to apply) followed by a home visit if we feel the application is a good match for the animal. All our rescues are cared for in foster homes and in order not to be too disruptive to our volunteers, we pre-approve all applicants prior to a meet and greet. Our adoptions start with a one to two-week trial to ensure that the animal is a good match for your family.

Cross Our Paws generally limits the adoptions of our "special needs" animals to the Lower Mainland area so that we can assist with any issues that may arise. It is also a policy if you have a yard, it must be secure at least in the rear. We do adopt to apartment/condo dwellers if strata permits and the dog is suitable to be in a multi-family complex living arrangement.

CROSS OUR PAWS requests an adoption donation for all our rescues as we could not rescue without it. Your donation will vary depending on the animals care and vet expenses and age.  If the donation exceeds the animal's vetting, care and transport, the remaining amount is applied to other dogs/cats in need of rescue and care. IMPORTANT NOTE: All our puppies MUST be spayed/neutered no later than the date specified by CROSS OUR PAWS (usually prior to puberty) at the rescue's vet which is prescheduled and mandatory. Adopters are notified in advance via email of their alteration date. Failure to comply will void the foster-to-adopt agreement.


Puppies (under 1 yr) - $750
Dogs 1 to 7 years - $650
Senior dogs 8 years and up - $250 - $400

Kittens/cats under 2 years - $395
Cats  2 to 8  years -$350
Cats senior over 9 years - $250
Bonded pair of kittens - $750

Guinea Pigs - $20 or $35 for bonded pair
Rats - $15 or $25 for bonded pair

All dogs & cats come with the following at time of adoption:

Vaccination Certificate for basic  "core" vaccines (Parvo/Distemper combo x 2)

Spay/Neuter Certificate


De-worming (if required)

We recommend a fresh diet over processed kibble

Please email us for an application to be sent to you -

***Before adopting please consider the time and commitment that goes into caring for a pet. There are medical, food and training expenses etc. and more importantly your precious TIME. It's also important to consider the breed of dog you are applying for as well to ensure a great match for both. Many of our dogs are great with kids but some dogs are not suitable to live with children which is something to consider when applying. If you are not familiar with the breed of dog you are interested in research the breed before making your final decision.

To ensure you and your canine companion are happy and content and your dog knows what you expect of him/her enrol in obedience training as soon as possible. We have a list of many wonderful canine trainers to recommend in your area.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets