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Mountainside Hope Foundation

Lions Bay, BC

Our Mission

Mountainside Hope Foundation strives to bring awareness to current animal welfare issues through youth education programs and community-based involvement. We support the medical treatment, rehabilitation and adoption of special needs animal cases in rescues; collaborating with other reputable rescues and supporting local initiatives. Our TNR Partnership helps communities across Canada manage feral animal populations in a kind and respectful manner.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters are required to submit an adoption application answering a series of questions. The adoption coordinator will go through the applications and determine whether an applicant can move forward to the interview process. If the applicant has had or currently has any animals, we will conduct a vet reference. The adoption coordinator will go back and forth with any questions for the candidate and then book an interview with the applicant once everything is satisfactory. After the interview process, if the adoption coordinator is satisfied, we will send the adoption contract to the candidate for signature and payment.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets