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West Coast Paws Dog Rescue

Langley, BC

Our Mission

WCP is a not-for-profit dog rescue organization. Our mission is to find safe and nurturing homes for dogs in need and to provide ample post-adoption support to our adopters. We want to continue to be advocates for the animals to ensure they feel protected and loved. We place a strong emphasis on compassionate care for the animals.

Adoption Policy

WCP wholeheartedly believes in open communication with our adopters. We are always here to provide support and to join you in celebrating your dogs’ successes!

Submit an Application - Start by clicking the “Adopt” button on a WCP dog’s profile. You will be redirected to an application form, which we ask you to fill out in as much detail as possible.

Phone Interview - After your application is pre-screened, you will be contacted to arrange a Phone Interview. The purpose of the Phone Interview is to chat about the answers you provided on your application and to ask any clarifying questions.

House Check - Once you have passed your Phone Interview, we will ask you to send us some photos of your home. Fear not, we don’t expect your house to look like a showhome! We are simply looking to see where your WCP pup would live and whether or not there are any potential safety hazards (escape areas etc.).

Approval - Presuming you pass your House Check, you will receive an Adoption Approval email from our WCP Adoption Team.

Deposit - A $100 CAD deposit is required in order for your dog to be reserved for you. Once we have received your deposit, we will update your dogs’ profile to show “Pending Adoption” and will stop accepting any further applications for him/her. At this point, we will notify the Rescuer that a home has been found and request that they start looking for a flight volunteer to bring your pup to Vancouver.

Now you patiently wait for your dog to be booked on a flight. The Rescuer will work to find a traveller who is willing to add your dog as ‘extra luggage’ onto their ticket. We refer to these kind humans as “Flight Volunteers”. Meanwhile, your pup will be checked by a veterinarian who will issue a Certificate of Health and ensure your pup's shots are up to date. The vet will then approve the dog for travel and will provide all medical documentation, including your pup’s vaccination record.

Flight Confirmation & Final Payment - Once the Rescuer finds a flight for your dog, WCP will send you an email with your pup’s flight information. We will also send you specific instructions regarding airport pickup such as where you need to park, what time you need to be there, and what you need to bring with you. Don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know!

We require you to sign an Adoption Contract before you pick up your dog.

Pickup & Take Your Pup Home - Your pup’s “gotcha” day is finally here! You will pick your dog up at the airport and take him/her home with you.

Follow-Up & Post Adoption Support - Your WCP adoption experience doesn’t end the moment you take your dog home. We believe in providing ample post-adoption support and want to be a part of your dog’s journey.

Within 7 days of taking your dog home, you can expect a phone call from our Follow-Up Team. If you need any help or support, WCP is here for you and your pup!

WCP wholeheartedly believes in open communication with our adopters. We are always here to provide support and to join you in celebrating your dogs’ successes! There is no expiration date on our post-adoption support.

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