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Small Dog Rescue BC

Langley, BC

Our Mission

Small Dog Rescue - Langley BC's mission is to place shelter and stray dogs, some that would otherwise be euthanized into loving forever homes, to educate about the need for spay/neuter, and to help re-home owner surrendered dogs in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Adoption Policy

Once you find a dog you think might be a match, email us and if the dog is available, we will email a small list of questions to confirm it may be the right match. Then we arrange a meet and greet, and if that goes well, we will come out to do a home check to make sure the home is a right match for the dog(s). Then the dog comes for a sleepover period (contract signed) and this can last a few days to a few weeks depending on the situation. Once it's agreed by both parties this is a match, we do an Adoption Contract and exchange paperwork and adoption fees.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets