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Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping misunderstood dogs find their forever homes. We are working towards dissolving the bully breed stigma by giving these dogs the opportunity to show people how amazing they are.

Adoption Policy

The first step in our Adoption process is to fill out an Adoption Application. The application is then looked over by our executive team, to ensure the applicant is equipped and ready for a new dog, and that the dog they have shown interest in, is a good fit for their home and lifestyle.

Once the application is approved, an email is sent out to the applicant with further instructions. A phone call is then arranged so we can go over the application together, as well as answer any questions or concerns either side may have.

Then comes the exciting day when the applicant and the dog finally meet. The meeting is arranged between the current foster, a Loveabull representative and the applicant. Our fosters are an invaluable source of information and insight into our dogs, and can provide practical information during this initial meet. If the connection between the applicant and the dog is mutual, we will proceed with a home visit.

During a home visit, we look to make sure that both the home and the surrounding areas, are a safe and healthy environment for the dog.

After the home visit is approved, we will notify the applicant, and arrange for a transfer of the dog from the current foster home to the new adoptive home.

For all of our dogs, we require a trial period before an adoption contract is finalized. The trial period can range from a weekend to a couple of weeks, depending on such factors as other animals or children in the home. Our number one goal is to ensure the dog is the right fit for both the applicant and the environment.

If all parties are satisfied with the placement of the dog, an adoption contract is signed and the adoption is finalized.

Please note, once you become an adopter, you become a part of our Loveabull family. You will be provided with ongoing support as long as we are still up and running!

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