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Adopt-a-Dobe Rescue Society

Edmonton, AB

Our Mission

Adopt-a-Dobe is a not-for-profit rescue society located near Edmonton, Alberta. Our purpose is to rehabilitate and rehome Dobermans in need throughout Western Canada.

We support the ethical breeding of purebred dogs and will always work to reunite displaced dogs with their breeder if possible.

We advocate for rewards-based training methods and believe that using humane, effective, evidence-based behavior modification is an integral part of promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Policy

Our goal as a rescue is to match each dog with the most suitable home possible. In our opinion, the success of a rescue is based on the quality of its adoptions, not the quantity. Adopting a pet can mean a commitment of more than a decade, and we believe our adoption process reflects that.

Our adoption application provides us with general information about your family, your lifestyle, and your dog experience, which allows us to qualify potential adoption matches. You may apply for a specific dog or submit a general application for us to keep on file for future intakes.

Once your application has been approved, we will contact you to set up a visit at your home. The purpose of this visit is to meet all family members and current pets, and to make sure the environment is Doberman-ready. In some circumstances, this may be done virtually. We will often combine the home visit with the meet & greet, depending on logistics.

We require a meet & greet between the adoptable dog and all household members and their current dogs, before an adoption can be finalized. We will not ship dogs to adopters. We will adopt out of the area, as long as adopters can meet this requirement. Meet & greets may take place at the applicant’s home, the foster home, or at another mutually agreeable place.

Once an adoption has been approved, all adopters must sign an adoption contract and pay the stated adoption fee. If at any time an adopter cannot keep their dog, we ask that it be returned to us. We will also provide free training support to adopters for the lifetime of their dog. Click below to view our adoption contract.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets