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Fur-Ever Homes Rescue Society

Calgary, AB

Adoption Policy

Applicant has no previous history of breeding or selling animals for profit.

Applicant has no previous history of surrendering an animal to a shelter or re-homing.

An applicant under the age of 21 requires a parent/guardian to fill out the application. If approved to adopt, the parent/guardian will also be responsible for the day to day care, financial and medical needs of the dog.

Applicants renting must have a letter of approval from the landlord and condo approval letter from the condo board.

Based on location of the applicant, we follow all bylaws on pet limits in households. We may require proof of registration at time of application for all pets in the home.

Other animals in the home must be spay/neutered & up to date on vaccines including rabies.

Household limit of 6 animals maximum including the new dog (incl. cats/dogs and other pets)

Animals must be housed indoors with family members, no heated garages or outdoor enclosures.

Animals must have access to food and water throughout the day.

Animals must be provided with a safe place to relax/retreat such as a crate.

Adult dogs are not left alone more than 10+ hour & puppies are not to be left alone for longer than 4 hours to ensure proper socialization.

All of FHR animals will be spay/neutered prior to adoption including puppies and kittens.

All members of the household are required to be present at an adoption (pet store events only).

We do not ship dogs.

For out of town adoptions, all adults in the home are required to be present at adoption in Calgary.

Home checks are required for special needs dogs, dogs deemed fearful out of the normal spectrum or any other time the rescue feels it is necessary.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets