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  • Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Warrington, PA
  • Adult
  • Female
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Warrington, PA


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Vaccinations up to date.

Meet Virginia

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

That’s what my foster moms told me when they took me into foster care in December and gave me the name, Virginia. I used to have another name, but it was kind of silly and I didn’t really respond to it anyway. So I let go of that along with my previous life which was not so great. I used to live in the back yard. Then I was allowed in the laundry room but that was it because my owners didn’t like the dog hair in the house. That was no fun at all because I love to be with my people. My owners decided to give me up when they found out I was going to have puppies. Yep – puppies! I have 9 little pups who are all finding their new families. So now it’s time for me to do the same. I’m ready for some ME time!

Like I said, my name is Virginia, but you can call me Ginny. I like my new name a lot better than my old one. Maybe it’s because I get lots of love and attention when people call me by my new name. I just LOVE getting attention! I like to play and snuggle and get pets and just hang out with my foster moms. I love to play with the other fur-kids, too. I’d love for my new family to have people to snuggle me and a fur-kid or two to run and play with me. Does that sound reasonable, Santa?

What else can I tell you about me? Let’s see…. I’m 3 years old and I’m black – but I guess you could tell that from my pictures! Oh, and I’m a girl…but I guess you knew that, too, since I had puppies. Hee hee. My previous owners said I’m a Lab/Shepherd mix, but I look very Labby. I’m really skinny. My foster moms have been working to get weight on me. I don’t mind cos I love to eat! My foster moms think I’m so skinny because I’ve been nursing my pups and because I have some yucky worms. I’m taking meds to get rid of the worms so it’s no big deal. Other than that, I’m a healthy girl. I don’t have all my shots yet cos I couldn’t get them when I was nursing my puppies. But I’ll have all that taken care of before I go to my forever family. I have to wait a few months before getting spayed so my new family will have to take care of that. And I mean HAVE to take care of that cos I don’t want any more puppies!!

My foster moms say I’m a love bug and I’m pretty easy to handle, but that I do need some training. (Hmmm.. I could say the same about them! They need to learn to give more treats and belly rubs!) I get excited when someone goes in or out the front door and sometimes I bolt out the door. We’re working on that, but sometimes I forget. My foster moms have a gate on the front porch so I never got off the porch. But they said my new family will have to be careful about that.
I don’t really know how to walk well on a leash so I pull and zig-zag. But with practice, I just know I could get better at it!

I really like to eat ….and sometimes that leads to something my foster moms call begging. I don’t do anything bad. I just sit and look at them while they eat…with drool hanging out of my mouth. They ignore so I give up and go lay down. But I figure it can’t hurt to try, right?

My foster moms think I am housebroken. I say “think” because I didn’t have any accidents the first few weeks I was here. Then I had a week or so when I peed and pooped in the house every day. Oops. My foster moms think it might have been because of those icky worms. Or maybe they missed my signals. They’ve been trying to pay more attention and I’ve been trying to be a good girl – and it’s been much better over the past two weeks! But my new family needs to be aware that I might need some brushing up on house breaking.

On the other hand, I have never chewed anything other than dog toys, never counter surfed, and I am not a big barker (although every so often I bark for attention). I know some commands – like SIT – and I learned to sit and wait for my dinner. I’m good with other dogs and love to play! I didn't used to get on the furniture, but the other fur-kids here showed me how comfy the couch is! I like to sleep with my foster mom, too.

I haven’t been around cats so I’m sure about them. I haven’t had much exposure to kids, either. I’ve met some when they came to visit my puppies, but I didn’t have much interaction with them. Sometimes when I get really excited, I try to play with my foster mom the way I play with the other dogs – so I try to chew on her. Not hard and it doesn’t hurt her. But my foster moms said that might be scary to little kids. I’m trying to learn not to do that, but my new family will need to be aware of that.

I haven’t been in the car a lot, but I’ve been good in the car the few times I was in it.

My foster family has a yard with a 4 foot wood fence. I’m really good in the yard and I’ve never tried to jump the fence or escape. I like to run and play or just hang out.

My foster moms say I have a great temperament. I have been great with people coming to see my pups. I just want them to give me a few snuggles, too! Everyone who meets me says I’m so sweet… and so pretty! But I guess you could see that from my pictures, too!

So what do you think? Are you the family that Santa promised me?


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