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Fosters/Volunteers needed Hound & Terrier Mix Monroe Twp, NJ

  • Puppy
  • Female
  • Medium
  • Brown / Chocolate, White / Cream


Coat length
Vaccinations up to date.

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Meet Fosters/Volunteers needed

Please note that the pups that you see in these pictures have been adopted. However we regularly rescue pups like these from India who are available for adoption in the US.

We are looking for fosters or volunteers in New Jersey for our IN pups/dogs rescued from the streets of India. We need committed foster homes for our pups who will take care of them when they are in the U.S. till a forever home is found.

We are also looking for volunteers who is willing to fly with the dogs. It is extremely expensive to fly the dogs solo from India to the U.S; however it is lot cheaper if you are flying with the dogs. If you are visiting Delhi (where we have foster homes) or surrounding cities in India and would like to help us rescue a pup or two from the streets by flying them with you back home to the U.S. please contact us.

Please email for more information.

More Information:
Desi (Local) or IN (Indian Native) or Pariah Dog is a natural primitive breed which is a direct descendant of the early domesticated dogs. Its truly a pure breed whose origin dates back 12,000 to 15,000 years – older than any other breed

We are very proud to be a Rescue without borders. So, what does it mean to be a rescue without borders?
In the last two years we were able to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for over 100 IN dogs in the U.S. and Canada.
We rescue and adopt within the U.S. irrespective of state borders, but now you may be wondering, why India? Typically in India, dogs that are born on the streets are not kept as family pets. Most people cannot afford to keep a dog as a pet and those who do prefer a western breed as a status symbol. So these street dogs spend their entire lives on the streets in deplorable conditions. Most of the pups that are born on the streets will get killed by passing cars, or die of starvation or malnutrition. These dogs/ pups often become victims of cruelty as some people resort to cruel measures to get rid of them from their streets. The average life span of a dog living on the streets of India is 5 years during which time they continue to live starving miserable life full of abuse and suffering; however when these same dogs when given a chance to live in a home as family pets will live a healthy life of up to 16-18 years. That is why we rescue these dogs to give them an opportunity to be a part of a family and to live their life in a comfort and safety of a loving home.

Please email for more information.

Check out our Rescue's Face book page to see our IN Dogs adopted all over North America.

More Info on this breed ---
Desi (Local) or IN (Indian Native) or Pariah Dog is a pure, ancient, indigenous dog of India that abounds the Indian streets. A long time ago, and thousands of years before the arrival of modern pure breeds, a race of dogs much like this one inhabited the Indian subcontinent. These were the very first domestic dogs and Man's earliest animal companions. It has evolved entirely through natural selection without human intervention of any kind resulting into a very hardy, extremely intelligent, alert and independent thinking dog.

This is a natural primitive breed which is a direct descendant of the early domesticated dogs. These dogs are found to be genetically healthy with no known genetic diseases and a very strong immune system. This is a natural breed of dog that is pure in a true sense and is how nature intended a dog to be; hence they are way superior to the artificially developed man made breeds that we call pure breeds today. Its origin dates back 12,000 to 15,000 years – older than any other breed. They are perfectly adapted for survival; a free-roaming life on the street for these dogs is always difficult and often hostile and hence requires high order of intelligence, quick and independent thinking to survive. On the streets it is the survival of the fittest, usually out of a litter some will get run over by cars while others will succumb to hunger and malnutrition. Only the most hardiest and intelligent ones will survive to produce off springs. When this survivor is adopted as a Pet, their owners are often awe struck with their beauty, grace, intelligence, loyalty and hardiness.

They are highly adaptable, quick learners and versatile and are known to be even smarter and definitely calmer than the intelligent Border Collies. They are very agile and excel at many dog sports such as agility and also make great jogging/running companions and can be even faster than Grey Hounds. While active outdoors, they are usually very calm and quiet indoors. They have tremendous stamina and hence need an active family who will take them for a daily brisk walks or a run.

INDogs dogs are sensitive by nature and do not respond well to harsh training methods and hence need an even tempered, gentle but firm and loving owner who knows how to calmly and consistently communicate the rules of the house.
These dogs love children and are known to have a calm and gentle demeanor around them. They bond strongly with their people and make an excellent family pet that is very loving, loyal and intelligent. These dogs do not bark much but are always alert; they are friendly yet wary of strangers and make good watch dogs.

Desi dogs are low maintenance dog as they are generally very healthy and like to stay clean; they hardly shed and have virtually no doggy odor. Their smooth, fine short hair coat is easy to groom. They have an all weather coat that allows them to easily adapt to different weather conditions.
A well-looked after pet IN dog will rarely need to see a vet and may live a healthy life of up to the age of 12 – 16 years. This is a medium size dog with an average height of 20-25 inches (51-64 cms) at the shoulder and generally weight about 28-50 pounds (12 – 22 kgs). With pointed ears, a wedge-shaped head and a tail that curls over its back, an IN Dog is similar in appearance to other prehistoric dogs like the Australian dingo.

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Fosters/Volunteers needed

Fosters/Volunteers needed

  • Hound
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