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Adopt a Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed

Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen



Area of origin:


Original function:

vermin hunting

Average size of male:

Ht: 14.5, Wt: 17

Average size of female:

Ht: 13.5, Wt: 17

Other names:


  • •••••


  • ••••


  • ••••••


  • ••••


  • ••

    Friendliness towards dogs

  • Friendliness towards other pets

  • ••

    Friendliness towards strangers

  • ••

    Ease of training

  • ••••••

    Watchdog ability

  • ••

    Protection ability

  • •••••


  • ••••

    Cold tolerance

  • ••••

    Heat tolerance

Lakeland Terrier Dogs Available on Petfinder Right Now

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Lakeland Terrier Dog Temperament

The spunky Lakeland makes the most of every day, always busy investigating, playing, hunting, running and chasing. Given daily exercise in a safe area, he settles down in the home and makes an entertaining and endearing friend. Clever, independent and stubborn, he can be mischievous. He is nonetheless sensitive and must be trained with patience as well as a sense of humor.

Lakeland Terrier Dog Care

This is an active breed that needs daily entertainment or he will make it for himself. A moderate walk on leash or a hardy game in the yard can usually satisfy his needs, but he also enjoys the chance to explore off leash in a safe area. His wire coat needs combing one or two times weekly, plus scissoring and shaping four times yearly.

Lakeland Terrier Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: lens luxation, distichiasis
Occasionally seen: Legg-Perthes, vWD
Suggested tests: eye
Life span: 12-16 years

Interested in the history of the Lakeland Terrier dog breed?

The first Lakeland terriers were kept by farmers who took them along with small packs of hounds in order to kill the foxes that were a problem in the area. The dogs were extremely game and were also used on otter and vermin with great success. Although his background is not documented, he shares common ancestors with the border terrier, Bedlington terrier and fox terrier. As fox hunting became valued more for his sporting aspect, the terriers became more fashionable as a part of the fox hunt. Those dogs from the English Lake region gained a reputation as particularly game dogs, although at that time they were identified as Patterdale, Fell and Elterwater terriers, all of which came from the Lakeland region. Only in 1921 were they recognized as Lakeland terriers, although Cumberland is considered the exact birthplace of the breed. The breed was accepted for AKC registration in 1934. Since then, the Lakeland terrier has been a prominent contender in the show ring, combining dapper good looks with unsurpassed showmanship. His popularity as a pet, however, has remained moderate.

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Shelters with Lakeland Terrier Dogs

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