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Sunshine Parrot Cockatoo Hollywood, FL

  • Adult
  • Female
  • Extra Large

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Meet Sunshine

Hello, my name is Sunshine, and my foster mom says I am just like a ray of sun that brings light into everyone’s day.

I am the sweetest, tender, most loving and delicate Umbrella Cockatoo you will ever meet. I have the most loving look and most soothing energy you will ever encounter. I must have been called Pearl at some point as I like to say, “Hi Pearl”, I also say, “good girl”, "Hello" and "Hi" when I see people come. I am super funny and goofy trying to show off my dancing skills. I absolutely love to sit on your lap and have you scratch my head for houuuuuurssssss and if you take a break, I will be sure to give you a nudge by helping you lift your tired fingers and place my head under your hand, so you continue the loving.

I don’t like fruits or veggies that much, but I do love my pellets and seeds. I especially love when you are eating something, and I can take it from your mouth. If I get the slightest inclination that you have been eating without me, I will force you to open your mouth to make sure there is nothing in it that you could be sharing with me.

I do get a little anxious sometimes and like to split my feathers, even though my foster mom is trying to do her best by breaking that behavior, she gives me a powder in my water and has a silly collar around my neck to avoid me over preening and that is helping my new feathers come out and I can only pluck a little off my neck.

I love being outside of my cage as much as I can be and if I am left alone, I will call for you to come and play with the “good girl” that I am…. I will tap on my cage to let you know that I want you to come over or will tap on your hand or shoulder to let you know I want you to stand there.

I am not too much into playing games, I much prefer being loved on, I love getting kisses on my beak and head and I will make little sounds if you do so. If you put me in my cage I will try and manipulate you to take me back out by telling you how much of a good girl I am. I will listen when you tell me it’s “nite-nite” time and will go into my cage, but you must cover me at about 7:30 pm (in summer) and if you don’t I will scream until you come to your senses, as I like being tucked in for bed, extra brownie points if you play peek-a-boo with me a few times before walking away. I like to wake up at about 7:30 am as well so don’t forget to remove my cover.

For some reason I am terrified of water, whether it be in a cup, from the hose, or from the sink, I just don’t like it at all and bath time could be a bit of a challenge but my foster mom has discovered that if she puts me on a chair and used the hose on “rain mode” very gently I can tolerate it for a few seconds at a time.

I am also afraid of things with wheels (strollers, scooters, bicycles, etc.) and will try to fly away.

I love all animals and get along with them well, they don’t scare me at all, and I have started to make some chicken sounds occasionally as my foster mom has a few of them.

My foster mom thinks I am a very well behaved and quiet cockatoo that will do well in a family environment as I am the happiest when there are people over at the house and I can perform for a crowd.

I love when you play music or sing to me, and I will dance my little heart away while trying to sing along.

So, if you are looking for a goofy, loving, funny, sweet, and social cockatoo I am your “good girl” and I will continuously tell you so!

Sunshine would love a "Welcome to Foster" gift. You can view her wishlist here:

Foster Location: Hollywood, FL

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