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The Parrots’ Umbrella

Vadnais Heights, MN

Our Mission

To provide resources and support to captive parrot owners in their residences to prevent surrender, re-homing, or euthanasia.

To rescue, rehabilitate, re-home, and/or provide sanctuary for challenging or difficult to place parrots.

To develop and operate programs for veterans, seniors, and other special populations that enable them to experience, work, or live with captive parrots.

To oppose captive breeding of parrots while advocating for and modeling quality care and husbandry employing current research and understanding.

Adoption Policy

Your birds must be disease tested before an adoption can take place.

Initial contact - client questionnaire and interview - education - at least 2 in-person meetings with bird and other birds - home visit - board discussion - adoption accept/decline.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets