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Resource for Iguana Care and Adoption

St. Paul, MN

Our Mission

RICA’S Mission Statement

To provide quality information to the public and potential foster/adoption participants on the proper care and husbandry of the captive Green Iguana. To assist in the compassionate rehoming of captive iguanas surrendered to RICA.

Adoption Policy

1. Discovery phase. This is the process whereby we counsel you to see if adopting an iguana is right for you. Please make sure you have read all of the info at our website, especially the F-E-L-T-S of iguana care, and also the FAQ's. Fill out the application form completely. If you have any questions, please contact your Adoption Counselor. Some of the issues we will discuss are:
What happens if your iguana becomes lost
If/when your iguana dies, and the importance of a necropsy
Following the F-E-L-T-S of iguana care
Veterinary care
Breeding season
Making sure you understand your rights and responsibilities stated within the Adoption Contract
2. Choosing an iguana that is right for your situation. While we try to match up the right iguana with the right person, it all boils down to how the iguana feels about the potential adopter. Our foster parents know the personalities and the likes and dislikes of the iguanas they are fostering.
3. Meeting the iguana in "person". Especially for first time iguana keepers, but even experienced iguana people never know how any particular iguana will react. This is where you will handle the iguanas we feel will be a good match.
4. Preparing the enclosure and/or free-roaming space. A home visit is required; however, if you are out of the metro area, or if we don't have anyone available, you can email photos. They need to be very detailed. Your enclosure/free-roaming space must be in "move-in" condition before the iguana is released to you. We have several cage building plans to help you. We also know where most of the good deals are in town for the materials you will need to build your enclosure.
5. Sign the contract and pay the fee. Our contract states that you promise to properly take care of the iguana by giving it the right diet, temperatures, a safe enclosure and vet care. In the contract, you will agree to not sell, trade, export, breed or otherwise keep this iguana for any purpose other than as a pet. Our fee is $75 and is non-refundable. If for some reason, you and iguana just don't hit it off, you can exchange it for another, as long as the housing is suitable. In other words, you would not be able to exchange a small sized iguana for a larger sized one, unless/until you have updated the enclosure to properly house the larger iguana. We want to make sure our iguanas have loving, permanent homes and don't want to put them through the stress of constant re-homing.

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