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Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays

New Prague, MN

Our Mission

Striving to improve the lives of strays and ferals in the New Prague area. We trap, neuter, and release ferals. Adoptable felines receive vet care then are listed as available for adoption for a nomimal fee. Making a difference one cat at a time!

Adoption Policy

Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays has standard adoption fees.


Spayed/neutered kittens are available for $60.


Adults are available for $50.


On occasion, a feline is available for $40.


Basic screening questions to answer:

Please describe the qualities you desire in a cat.

Are you allowed to have pets where you live?

Do you currently have pets? If so, please describe them.

Have you had pets in the past? What happened to them?

Do small children love in the home? Is everyone in the home gentle?

Does everyone in the home want a cat?

Will the cat be 100% indoors or will s/he be an indoor/outdoor feline? Where will the cat live in the home?

If the feline is not yet altered, do you plan to get him or her neutered/spayed?

Are you willing to make a commitment to your cat for the lifetime of the feline (indoor cats live on average 13 years, some upwards of 20 years)?

Are you financially able to afford emergency vet care if, heaven forbid, that one day becomes necessary?

What are your thoughts on declawing?

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets