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Our Mission

Emotional rescue, founded in Spring of 2017 by Shannon Tarr, started with a photo of broken spirits, worn down bodies and always pleading eyes, reaching out for a chance: maybe only to live long enough to die being held in tender, warm arms but maybe also to learn that the world can be kind and that there is a family waiting, if only they can hold on. That is how the mission begins, always emotional, always with a degree of urgency. Once brought into rescue, medical care is given to start mending bodies but just as important is the loving care to mend their spirits. Emotional Rescue is a foster based rescue, meaning it is strictly volunteer so there is no pay, no building, no overhead so all donations go directly to support our dogs. We help the many dogs on the reservations in South/North Dakota who are on their own without food, medical care, shelter and love. We also rescue shelter dogs that are at risk of euthanasia because they are not socialized and/or have not experienced the love of a family. We step in and help those dogs that have been shot, infected with deadly heartworm and parasites, broken bones, dying from starvation, orphaned breeder dogs that have outlived their usefulness and are discarded, aged dogs that have lost their families and legal neglect/abuse cases. We need your help to make our efforts go even further!

Adoption Policy

1. Potential Adopters search and find their Dog
2. Adopters complete online adoption application
3. Adoption application is approved
4. The dogs foster will contact the potential adopter to schedule a meet & greet
5. If the dog AND the family agree it is a good fit, the adoption contract is completed as well as adoption fees paid (we accept cash or check)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets