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Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section before emailing us! Many of your questions should be answered there!


Our New Home for Adoption Meetings
 Dogology.jpgDogology is providing Boot n' Kit the availability to use their wellness room for scheduled private adoption meetings!

Meetings must be scheduled by Boot n' Kit. No puppies will reside at this facility and they have no information about the puppies. please respect their supporting business and only contact us if you are interested in adopting
Please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for the most up-to-date information on puppies heading our way and updates and pictures of puppies currently in the rescue!

Our Featured Pet(s)...

Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue Adoption Application

Questions before applying? Visit our FAQ page: Boot n' Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the application below or download the APPLICATION here and email to us. Please copy and paste the application into an email, put the name of the dog you are interested in in the subject and
Email Us!

You must be 21 years old to adopt. Please realize that all of our dogs are considered urgent and we never hold dogs. We ask all adopters to be prepared to take their new family member home at the time a match is made!! There are many waiting to be saved and once an appropriate home is found a Boot n' Kit dog is adopted out. Do not schedule a visit if you are not ready to adopt the dog then. Adopting a dog is the most rewarding and wonderful thing, but it is a lifelong commitment. Please be sure you are ready for the responsibility.
We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. Thank you for choosing to rescue and save a life!

Your adoption fee includes:

*Health examination(s)- for southern dogs this includes an examination before traveling and an examination by our CT veterinarian when they arrive, as well as 15 days prior to adoption.
*Health Certificate
*Dewormings (or several!)
*Distemper Combo Vaccination(s)
*Rabies Vaccination (if 4 months & older)
*Heartworm Preventive
*Flea & Tick Treatment
*Started on high quality food while in our care
*Spaying/Neutering * re spaying/neutering: in cases where our vet deems this not feasible on smaller / younger puppies we will have you sign a contract to complete this procedure within a specified time period.

Who We Are

Boot n' Kit is a group of dedicated animal lovers whose mission is to rescue, re-home and care for puppies in need. Our main mission is to pull neglected and unwanted puppies from high-kill shelters where they get no chance of being adopted or treated as they should and give them the second chance they deserve!
We are a foster-based organization. Boot n' Kit dogs eat, sleep and live in foster homes until they are ready to move into their forever homes. This is beneficial not only to get an understanding of the dog, but also to socialize them in a balanced home setting. Some puppies have never known the comfort of a warm bed, good meal or loving attention! Our goal is to get them out of shelters and into a loving home, even if temporary, as soon as possible!

Meet Our Foster Homes!

Boot n' Kit is a no-kill, all volunteer non-profit organization.

Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue is a small rescue run entirely by volunteers so email is the best way to reach us. Please be patient - we try our best to get back to you as soon as possible but it may take a few days.

Please choose to adopt your next companion. They will be forever grateful.

Adopting A Companion

An application is the first step in the adoption process. If interested in any of our beautiful puppies, please download our application on this page and email it to us. If you can not download the application, email us and we will send you one. It may take a few days to approve your application! We appreciate your patience and work as hard as we can to expedite the process. If approved, the next step would be to schedule a meeting with the puppy you applied for. An adoption contract is required to be filled out for each animal being placed, once its decided it is a match.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask all adopters to be prepared to take their new family member home at the time a match is made!! Because of the tremendous demands on our foster homes, all adoptions must be done on a first-come, first-served basis, and the first good, properly qualified prospective home that is a match will get the pet. We are a small rescue and CANNOT hold your dog for you while you go on vacation or prepare the house for your new family member. This should be done before you meet to adopt a dog. Please understand, if we did that, we would save far less dogs because of a lack of space or resources.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart." -Unknown.

Foster Homes Urgently Needed

Boot n' Kit is in need of foster homes. Without the love and care of foster homes we wouldn't be able to save as many puppies! The more foster homes we have, the more puppies we can save!! We provide all the medical care and just need you to provide food, a safe environment and lots of love. If you want to help us in our mission of saving these innocent lives and have love to give, some time to spend, and a little room in your home for a puppy that would otherwise not make it out of the pound- than please contact us today!

Learn More About Becoming a Foster!

We also need volunteers not only to help foster dogs, but to assist in other ways. This includes picking up puppies from transport (many of our transports are late at night or early in am and as far as NY), helping website design, brochure design, fundraising, helping at our adoption events etc.

Other ways to Help!

Not everyone has the option to be able to foster or volunteer, but still want to help save these in-need dogs. We always need donations to keep this rescue afloat. All of our volunteers have full-time jobs and families and spend countless hours of their time to save as many dogs as possible, even if it means spending their own money to do it! No amount is too small to donate, even $5 can vaccinate a puppy for kennel cough or pay toward a transport fee to save an innocent life from ending.


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Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue

Simsbury, CT 06070
Phone: Because of the high volume of inquires we operate via email primarily

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Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue

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Meet Our Foster Homes

We have about 30 foster homes in total, the ones below are those that wish to be on the website and share their experiences!

*We are a family of 5- 2 adults and 4 furry 'children'. As we see it, our dogs are our children. All four rescues- a teacup yorkie that was an owner surrender named London, a pitbull from the streets of hartford named Remi, a male pitbull found on the side of the road at 4 weeks old named Rive and our big white german shepherd from a 'back yard breeding' bust named Judah. Both being in the dog industry for countless years- Marissa a veterinary technician and certified canine massage therapist and Ben a canine behaviorist as well as both of us being in rescue for what seems like forever- we have grown to see the amazing nature of rescue. Not only from our very own 'children' (who I could not image our lives without) but seeing the effect dogs, in particular those saved moments from death, have on their owners and the community around them. In our eyes, rescue is not only an option but THE option. Seeing these puppies that are so close to never knowing real love, blossom and flourish in your care is something we could never live without. Its a constant cycle of new puppy love for us. Our permanent members help us teach them proper manners- going potty outside IS the way to go, sharing toys is just the way it is, whoever gets to the bed first is at the bottom of the pile, leashes really arent all that bad once you get the hang of it, and there is plenty of food to go around at this house- and we all can not express the joy these puppies give to us. Each one is different with their very own sad story but they never show you the scars. You solely feel responsible for the life you are giving this loving and living creature. You pass on the gift of love with every adoption... and then, you get a new life to save and love.

*Rescue is a family affair for us. We all chip in to feed, exercise and love each foster puppy. We adore every foster dog and send them to their forever homes healthier and happier. Working as a foster home for Boot N' Kit Canine Rescue is a hugely rewarding experience.

This family is much to modest. You will see their children at all of our events, working feverishly to keep all the puppies clean and answer any questions. They always go above and beyond with everything they do for us and are always willing to help.

*Our foster home for pups is a crazy one! It keeps the puppies busy though... We are a family of 4: my husband Nick, our two daughters, and myself, Rachel. Our oldest, Annabella, is 4 years old. Then we have Amalia who is 5 weeks old! Needless to say Amalia has not been able to experience the joys of fostering yet, but Annabella sure has. We also have an older cat in the household and our two dogs Nella, a 7 year old bull mastiff, and Kali, an 8 year old husky mix. They adore all the pups we have ever fostered, it seems to give them a purpose and they teach them the ropes. The first time we fostered was September of 2010, and we haven't stopped since! Fostering for me is an amazing experience. Its a way for us to give these babies a second chance at life they deserve! It is an amazing feeling to know you helped them get to their forever home, and the updates from new owners make the goodbyes worth while!
Fostering has taught my daughter that puppies are not just cute little toys that you just play with but she has learned the responsibility of caring for them. That they need love, food, a place to call home, and structure in their lives just like she has. That is why we love to foster and we cant wait to get back into it! It is so true, if everyone who fostered just told one other person about it (which I am sure they have) and then they tell another and more and more want to foster, that means so many more lives can be saved! Every little bit helps, and it really is so unbelievably rewarding in the end. We are proud to be part of that little bit that helps and will forever be here to help Bootnkit whenever it is needed. I give Marissa and Ben so much credit for the wonderful job that they do with saving these babies!! Hopefully more and more will open their hearts and homes to these guys and more can get that second chance!!

*We began fostering with Boot n Kit in the beginning of the summer, 2011. We have 2 big dogs, a cat and three teenagers. We were very nervous that we would be 'foster failures', and get too attached to let them go! But, we went ahead and took 2- 8 week old puppies, and fell in love with them. It was so much fun watching them run around and interact with each other, the big dogs, and all the kids that come through the house. It's a good amount of work, but if you love dogs, it is so worth it! They come to you a little scared, smelly, skinny. After a few days they start to settle in, relax and their true personalities start to emerge. They love you, and follow you everywhere. They are just so appreciative of being taken care of.
We kept the first two for about a week, when they each went to their forever homes. I found out one of the group they arrived with had not been adopted so I decided to foster him! I was hooked! We kept Wilbur for about 1 week also, until my neighbor adopted him. Since that time, we have had about 14 foster puppies (and counting), and they have given me as much joy and happiness as my family has given to them. Each puppy has his own personality: goofy, serious, bossy, shy. Its great to watch them develop and get more comfortable and start to feel at home.
You might think that mixed breed puppies from shelters or who knows where wouldn't be as smart as your pure breed dog. WRONG! These puppies learn fast! They are clever little devils and really really smart.

As far as I'm concerned, there's always room for one more puppy in our house!

*I adopted my Jack Russell Terrier, Nellie, as a puppy in 2004 and ended up meeting some people involved in rescue from a few different rescues. My first foster was Alex, (in the picture) another JRT. When I learned about him I couldn’t say no. He was abused and neglected, as so many are, but was still so affectionate, loving and happy to have a home and some love. Over the years my reasons for fostering have evolved and even include that I believe my dog is still alive because of one of the families that adopted from me – they had previously had a dog that had eaten carpet and died. When Nellie, my forever dog, ate some carpet (an entire rooms-length row of Berber carpet to be exact!) I reached out to that family for support. She encouraged me not to wait to get surgery for my dog and I got her the surgery immediately (Thank you Dr. Shagensky, PAW and Dr. Battiston, Star Meadow) and my dog survived. I truly believe she would not have have made it if I had waited or never met that family to encourage me, so I guess I believe in karma and fate too.
I love every foster dog that comes to live with me. I won't lie and say it's easy because it's not! There are adjustments when each new dog comes in and then again when they find a forever family and I have to say goodbye. It's so easy to fall in love with each foster and so hard to let go but the emotional reward that comes from getting an update from a family about how much they love their forever dog or how happy they are or any update outweighs the sad feeling that comes with letting go. Dogs give an unconditional love and don't expect anything in return. They love us in sweats or dressed up, they love us when we are happy or sad and if you let them they can make you smile every day even the days they might chew up a shoe or pee on the rug. Thank you for considering rescuing a dog as a foster or a forever part of your family.

*Our family began fostering early in the summer of 2011. Going into my junior year of high school my parents and I finally decided that we could responsibly foster dogs, and then when we found out that Marissa and Ben had a rescue- it was pure fate. My household has two miniature horses, two dogs (Aiden - Jack Russell Terrier and Lucy - Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier), and chickens. Our first foster, Bailey (Boxer/Shepherd Mix), was the hit of the town. We brought her everywhere we went and she acted as an amazing mascot for Boot N Kit. I was lucky enough to meet her adopters at a Boot N Kit adoption event, and I'm so happy that she went to such great new owners. I'll admit I was a bit teary when I said goodbye, but I was so happy that she was going to a permanent home. Every puppy since Bailey has had it's own unique personality, it's own habits, and has brought different challenges to our household. But nothing beats those good morning kisses and the little snores you hear when the pups are all tuckered out and have fallen asleep in their warm beds with a full belly of food. What started out as a mom and daughter foster team has turned into an entire family pitching in to care for these awesome dogs that just need a lot of TLC, hugs, and a good bath to bring them to their full potential. If you're on the fence about fostering, don't hesitate; it is worth it. We are always here to help answer any questions about the pups we are fostering!

*Peg, Dave, Delany (15) and Brian (12) live in Canton, CT with our two dogs, Lily and Bella, who were both adopted. We began fostering dogs for Boot N' Kit in May, 2011, after Brian did a school project on rescuing fighting dogs, and he asked if we could look into fostering. Since then we've fostered 12 puppies (and counting!) and are happy to be a small part of saving some innocent puppies' lives! It's easy to be a good foster family - all you need is a safe space and a lot of love (and maybe a little newspaper) - although these puppies are so smart, most of the pups we have fostered come to us already fully or partially house trained or crate trained. It is amazing to see that after a day or two of good wholesome food and lots of snuggles and love, their little personalities really start to emerge. They are so sweet and personable, we always enjoy puppy kisses, and are lucky that several of the dogs we fostered have been adopted by our friends, so we get to see them from time to time and see how they are progressing. It has been so wonderful to bring a little bit of puppy love into our home on a regular basis. It's always sad to see our babies go, but that is balanced by the happiness we feel knowing we helped them find their forever homes, and get the lifetime of love they deserve.

*MaryEllen and Bob Henry, and their 12-year old twin boys, began fostering for Boot 'n Kit in 2012. MaryEllen and the boys were visiting Stratton Brook Park with their own dog, and happened to see Frances and her family with their foster puppy, Gus. Knowing the boys has missed their own dog's puppyhood, MaryEllen thought it would be a good experience for the boys and it would also help their dog socialize with other dogs (he'd been bitten and was fearful of other dogs).
Their first fostering experience was brief; not even 8 hours! The second, third and fourth fosters were adopted by a neighbor family, one of the boys' classmates' family and a family that lived nearby. The boys have shown a strong nurturing ability and have been excellent at helping take responsibility for the foster pups. While they grow to love the pups they foster, they feel gratified that these dogs get a second chance and feel grateful to be able to show them the love and care of a family. And their own dog has been a wonderful canine host!

Want to Become a Foster Home?

Fostering a dog is the most important volunteer job in our rescue!! You are actually saving TWO lives by fostering for us; not only the dog you are taking in to foster but it enables us to save another in the fostered dogs place!

Boot n' Kit pays all vetting costs for the foster dog while the dog is in your care. We ask that the foster family provides the dog with indoor shelter, food, water, exercise and all the love and attention you would give to your own animals! Light transportation sometimes applies, to pick up/drop off your foster dog and, if needed, bring it to the veterinarian for routine appointments while in your care. It is serious but rewarding commitment and it usually requires a 2 week to a month commitment. Although sometimes its just days!!

Most rescue dogs have lived a life without even their basic needs fulfilled. That is why we find fostering to be so beneficial. We want these beautiful babies out of the shelter environment and into loving, temporary homes as soon as possbile. They are thankful and gracious to finally be cared for and loved.

While the pup is living with you, the picture and description of the rescued dog is listed on under Boot n' Kit Canine Rescue of Simsbury. The rescue does all the leg work to adopt out the dog to an appropriate, qualified and loving forever home. The rescue will stay in contact with the foster families, as they become the greatest source of information about the foster dog in their care.

Travel a lot? Not sure if you are ready for a puppy yet? Want to enjoy a puppy without the life-long commitment? Want to save a life? Then try fostering!!

As a foster home nothing feels better than knowing YOU were the one that saved a dogs life. There is almost nothing as rewarding (if you love animals like we do) as seeing the amazing impact a foster family has on the life of the fostered dogs! Two weeks of "puppy therapy" (as we like to call it), when you have the time, is the difference between life and death for some of these babies. Its a great way to get children involved, too!

"But isnt it hard to give them up?" is the number one question and/or excuse for not fostering. But can you imagine.... taking in a puppy, that was in risk of being put to sleep... loving, snuggling and caring for this puppy for two weeks... sending this puppy off to a new loving home knowing you were soley responsbile for this puppy's new life and for giving so much joy to a family. Its like a part-time puppy that you get to enjoy all the happy parts! Then, when you are ready..... you get a new puppy to love and snuggle! Its an amazing cycle of never-ending love. It may seem sad to give them away but just think: With every one adopted... is another life saved because you can take another one in!

Spreading the information about fostering, and the joys of caring for the beautiful pups helps the rescues save more lives. These deserving dogs enrich our lives so much, please give fostering a rescue pup a chance and experience a truly amazing adventure!

FIND OUR FOSTER APPLICATION HERE Im sorry but at this time we can not accept foster homes in MA.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to take a moment to answer a few of the most common questions we get asked about adopting from us. Please read them over, you may find the answer to your questions.

What is your adoption process?

The first step of adopting is to fill out an application. It can be found interactively above on our website or downloaded the APPLICATION here and
to us. Once we receive your application, we will begin the approval process and you will hear from us soon! The application process includes reference checks and additional questions we may have about you to appropriately match you to your puppy. Please be patient as we are all volunteers and this can take a couple days.

I just have a few questions, why do I need to fill out an application?

Please understand that, depending on the time of year, we can get up to 100 inquires/applications/emails a day. If you do not fill out an application then we do not think you are serious about adopting. We try our very best to answer questions when we can but due to the lack of of volunteer-power- we take serious adopter priority.

What is your adoption fee and what vetting has been done?

Please read through the puppy's entire description on petfinder. All of their information is listed there including veterinary care done, adoption fee, personality traits, etc. Adoption fees range based on the veterinary care that was and that also widely depends on the veterinarian, shelter, length of time with us, etc.

Where are you located and when can I visit your dogs?

This is one of the most common questions. We DO NOT have a shelter, hours of operation or a facility to meet all of our available puppies. We are a foster based rescue and all of our adoptable puppies are in private homes around CT. Once you have an approved application we set up a private meeting with the puppy you are interested in. We think meeting with a puppy before adopting is important to a match.

The only time it is possible to meet with multiple puppies is to come to an adoption event. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to co-ordinate a multiple puppy meeting. Please understand the time it takes to coordinate meetings, foster home traveling, etc only to be left with a homeless puppy at the end of the day.

Where do the dogs you save your puppies from?

Our puppies come from all types of situations. Unwanted homes, unwanted litters. The most common place is from high kill shelters. Dogs, and even these puppies, only get 3-7 days to get adopted before they are euthanized. That is where we come in! We pull them, get them to the veterinarian for shots, dewormings, surgery, etc, find them a place or boarding facility to stay and set them up to get here to CT via USDA certified transport companies.

How do they get here?

We use USDA Certified transport companies. All puppies traveling need to have a clean bill of health accompanied by a health certificate, as well as up to date on all shots, dewormings and flea treatment. These transporters are professional, clean and make the trip more bearable for all of our puppies.

Is this puppy purebred or exactly the breeds listed?

All of our puppies are from high kill shelters. Most of the time we do not know either parent, and if we did it would be listed in their description. We cannot guarantee any dog is purebred or if there are or are not certain breeds in these puppies. The shelters and we do the best we can to identify breeds after doing this a long time. They are educated guesses.

Is this pup good with kids, cats, and other dogs?

This is a common question. We try our best to test our pups with kids, cats, and other dogs. If a dog is not good with any of the above, it would be listed in their description and we would not deem this dog a "match" for you. 95% of all puppies are good with children, cats and dogs. Training is key to ensuring any puppy gets properly socialized. Most of the puppies we get are 16 weeks and under, leaving them trainable.

Is this puppy house trained?

All of our puppies have started to be crate trained and house trained. But we can never guarantee that a young puppy is house trained. As many of you know (or will find out) house training is a process that take a little time! Mostly time for the puppy to grow and get a big enough bladder to hold it for 6+ hours. A good rule of thumb for house training: A puppy can hold it for the number of months old it is plus one! Dont forget that new environments can also trigger new behaviors. Your pup could have been potty trained in their foster home, but may either test the boundaries or have accidents in their new home! Just be sure to always be on the "potty language" look out when your new baby is roaming free and take out as much as possible!

Can we set up a meeting with the puppy and then let you know?

We do not hold puppies for any reason. Please do not schedule a visit if you are not ready to adopt a dog. We ask all adopters to be prepared to take their new family member home at the time a match is made and cannot guarantee a dogs availability if you leave without it. Please understand that we are dealing with many dogs and puppies at all times as well as many interested homes. The time it takes to coordinate a meeting only to be left with a full foster home, a still homeless puppy and no room to take another one is not fair to our volunteer organization nor to all of the dogs waiting in the shelters. We will only approve a matched home and do not sacrifice quality for quantity but it is a matter of life and death we are dealing with. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE A MEETING IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO ADOPT A DOG! Obviously a no-match at meeting does not count and there is no obligation to adopt, ever.

Why are some of the puppies spayed/neutered and others are not?

Every veterinarian has their own set of guidelines. Some believe in altering these pets as early as 6 weeks, others will not alter a puppy under 6 months. It all depends on the area these babies come from and the veterinarians that work with us.

What are the side effects of my puppy being spay/neutered so young?

This is a controversial topic. Being a holistic-minded rescue we do not advocate early spay and neuter IF the dog will not be exposed to being impregnating or impregnating another. It is your obligation to do your research on this topic!

What food do you recommend and why?

As any holistic-minded veterinarian will tell you, food is the foundation of health. We start all of our puppies on the highest quality food available including high quality kibble, dehydrated raw, dehydrated whole food,goats milk, colostrum, etc

Two of our most popular kibbles to place the puppies on are as follows:
 photo Canine-Caviar-Large-Breed-Puppy-Dinner1-212x300_zps0d6e9b65.jpg

Canine Caviar Grain-Free Puppy Dinner This truly amazing diet is hormone, pesticide and antibiotic-free made in the USA is high digestible, alkaline to keep our pets bodies functioning at their best and most importantly formulated to avoid health concerns like health concerns like diabetes, cancer, kidney, liver and heart disease.
*No Wheat *No Ethoxyquin *No Gluten *No GMOs *No Potato or Tapioca *No Added Hormones *No Meat or Poultry By-Products

Learn more or where you can buy HERE!

Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension was created to offer your pet the ultimate completely balanced diet containing three sources of highly digestible meat proteins. Its unique blend of nutritional supplements is what separates Health Extension from other super premium dog foods. By offering your pet this superior blend you will be proactively enabling your dog to reap the benefits of living a healthier life.
*No By-Products *No Rendered Animal Fats *No Corn *No Glutens *No Soy *No Artificial Preservatives *No Wheat *No BHT *No Ethoxyquin *No Added Sugar *No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Dyes

Most puppies come to us in poor condition, too skinny and eating god-knows-what. We want them to get the best start to their new life as possible! Good food is the key to healthy dogs!

More information, including where to buy, on their website!

How do you become a foster home?

Read more about becoming a foster Here!. We desperately are always in need of foster homes! If still interested, please email us at and we will send you a foster application!