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Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services is a Federal Non-profit group committed to rescuing animals in need, supporting communities without access to shelters, and educating the public on humane issues. Our goal is to help find resources for veterinary care to rescued dogs and cats.

This is "Pinky!"

Meet Louisa who is fondly called "Pinky" now. She is a 9-10 week old pit mix. She has severe demodex mange. She has a way to go, but is on the mend! She is the sweetest little pup ever! She is not adoptable yet - we need to make sure she's good and healthy first!

UPDATES FROM Pinky's Foster

Little Pinky Louisa came to us with severe mange, no hair, sores and scabs all over her little body. Her bones were not growing right because of her lack of nutrition. Fortunately, the rickets should correct because she is so young and now on a good diet. Poor baby also had a urinary tract infection. So, she is on antibiotics, sentinel-or milbemycin (which is good for demodex and not as toxic as ivermectin) and she gets a wonderful bath to help her skin :-)

Pinky/Louisa is doing great! Her hair is coming in and her legs are straightening out. She is eating a ton of food! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her!

EVERYBODY loves her happy personality and two wonderful vets are giving her lots of care!

Donations for vet care may be sent to
PO Box 925
Sun Prairie WI 53590

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Special Needs: Libby

On March 22, 2014 ARVSS took in their second burn victim. Miss Libby is a 5 month old female. The story is that a rag was soaked in kerosene, set on fire and thrown on her back. Dr. Terry Trepel, who treated Marcus, (the first burn victim with hot oil) is also treating Libby. "Her burns are not as deep as Marcus', so the healing will be different. "With Marcus the wounds would pull together from surrounding skin, and his hair would still grow with minimum scaring. Libby's are more superficial and only time will tell if hair follicles where destroyed, thereby not allowing her hair to grow back. ARVSS is very lucky to have a veterinarian like Dr Terry to take care of these less fortunate puppies. Please help us continue to save dogs such as Marcus and Libby. We can only save as many as our funding will allow, and your donation, no matter how small will help!

GOOD NEWS! Libby has found her forever home! She will always have a scars... but is one happy, healthy, lucky dog!!!

Happy Birthday Xander!

Meet Xander! Pictured here with Dr. Terry Trepel and ARVSS rescued dog, Marcus (see his story above). Xander requested that his friends bring donations for ARVSS to his birthday party! You can see some of the donations in the picture. What an awesome kid! THANK YOU Xander and your wonderful friends!

Happily Ever After!!

This is Willow... one of the first adoptions ARVSS did! These two (on the left) have grown up together! Awwww... here is a note from mom:

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know I'm doing well. I still miss my foster mother Margaret! The picture is of me with my brothers. The one on top is the one some were afraid I wouldn't like; the little white one is the BEST chew toy ever! Life is great! THANK you for saving my life... and the lives of so many of my friends. Please tell Red Lake Rosie I said 'Hello!'

Love, Willow


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ARVSS Rescue's 11/14/06 photoset ARVSS Rescue's 11/14/06 photoset

This is Lucy... Happy, content and totally relaxed in her new mom's arms...
We Love Lucy!
A RAVS tattoo on her belly is a lasting reminder that she's been spayed...

Please spay & neuter to keep animal
population under control!

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Good Search is a search engine (Yahoo base) that pays money out to your chosen charity! When you go into the site, type ARVSS in the box and then "Verify" --- now when you search the net with this site, we earn pennies... and then add up into dollars! Dollars are what we need to keep on rescuing! A simple way for you to help!


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