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Who We Are

The Lander Pet Connection, Inc. is a group of volunteers who rescue stray and abandoned pets within Lander, WY. Since the town of Lander has no animal shelter, we raise funds to board them at a local vets and boarding facilities.

Pets come to us from a variety of situations. Some of them have been given-up or abandoned by their owners. Some have been found wandering alone in remote areas, and some have actually been put into dumpsters and dumped at the local landfill. Since we do not yet have a facility to house pets, we either find foster homes for them or pay to board them at a kennel. We make sure each pet gets a vet exam, shots, spayed/neutered, and is well feed. Our standard adoption fee is $85.00 for dogs and $35.00 for cats. We do have special fees for special animals and in those cases, the price of the animal will be listed in its biography.

We perform a number of community assistance tasks also. For example, we keep a list of people who want to adopt pets and put them in touch with owners who want to give up their pets when we do not have a suitable pet to adopt out to them. We also try to counsel pet owners on training tactics when they have behavioural issues, etc, with their pets. We work with the veterinary clinic and other local groups, socializing the animals and publicizing them on our Facebook page, flyers and website.  

We've also initiated a low cost spay/neuter program with the cooperation of local veterinarians. This program is limited to those in financial need due to funding, but it's a good start on coping with the pet over-population problem in Lander.

Adopting a Friend

When we get "feed back" on the dogs that have been adopted, it makes it all worthwhile! We'd love to hear from you if you have feedback for us.

Volunteering and Donations

To find out what volunteer opportunties we have or to donate time, services, etc., please contact us either by calling 307-330-5200 or visit by

Come Visit Us!

Since we have no shelter in Lander, WY, we board our pets at local facilities. Anyone interested in meeting our pets can contact us by emailing or calling 307-330-5200.

Lander Pet Connection Inc.
P. O. Box 854
Lander WY 82520
Phone: (307)330-5200

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