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Duffy's Friends Inc. is having adoption days at Petco in Henrietta, Saturdays ( every other Saturday please email us for dates) noon to 2 PM . Come see us and find a new friend.

Who We Are

Duffy's Friends Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit, all breed canine rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted pets and placing them in responsible homes. Visit our website...http://duffysfriendsinc.com Duffy's Friends Inc. is a registered 501-C3 non profit organization. All of our pets are up to date on all age applicable vetting.

Adopting a friend

To apply for a Duffy's Friends dog or pup.. 1. Find the pet you are interested in, send inquiries to duffysfriends@gmail.com and ask for an applicaton. 2. Fill out a adoption application either on line or in person at Petco. 3. Talk with one of our Adoption agents and meet the pet at one of our scheduled showings. Pets are shown at Petco in Henrietta on Saturdays from noon to 2. Please email us as we are there bimonthly for our dates. Each pet lives in a private home, foster parents are available to accurately describe the pets personality, needs, traits, habits, etc. Our pets will only be placed in homes where they will be a perfect match for the family. 4. Most of our pets receive several applications. We screen all and select the one we feel is the best fit according to the pets needs, age of the pet, personality, history and what the family is looking for in a new pet. Past history of dog ownership is required. Our adoption process can take a few days, giving the adopter time to think about the long term committment needed, but well worth the short wait. We are an adoption organization and strive to find the best match for our pets and the family, no matter how long it may take. We do not adopt to rental situations, students, families with children under the age of 10. For the safety of the pet, we require standard fencing and we may consider overhead trolley on an individual case basis. We do not agree with chains or boundary training. No electric fencing allowed with small dogs. 5. We are very familiar with our dogs, not every pet is a good match for the applicant, therefore we reserve the right to deny any application without disclosing the reason for that decision. 6. We do a check vet reference is ensure past pets were well cared for and utd on shots. All pets in the home must be neutered and spayed and have current rabies vaccination per NY State law. Your must have a current or past pet in your name for your vet reference. Childhood dogs or dogs your parents raised are not valid for reference. Please note we will do a home vist before placement of the pet if the application has been accepted. This is especially important when other pets are in the home, thus ensuring a compatible playmate and life long friend. 7. Please remember, pets are a lifetime committment, do not apply for our pets if you are unable to commit to 10-15 years of care. Every one of our pets was rescued from a kill shelter, many were neglected, starved, injured, etc. All our pets were unloved, therefore we carefully screen all applicants. These dogs are willing to give you their hearts and souls in return for simple kindnesses. We are adopting to those that can appreciate what they have been through and are able to offer them wonderful lives, something they have never experienced before. Adoptions restricted to Monroe County NY, Victor, Farmington and Canandaigua.

Corporate Office Only.... Duffy's Friends Inc.
Brockport, NY 14420

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