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As of January 1, 2013, there are 56 ferrets housed at the West Michigan Ferret Connection.

Effective September, 2012, over 500 ferrets have found "forever homes".

. Visit my website: www.westmichiganferretconnection.com LIKE the West Michigan Ferret Connection on Facebook The West Michigan Ferret Connection has non-profit status under Support Our Shelters (see info below). We receive no government funding and are heavily reliant on tax-deductible gifts from private and corporate donors to continue our work. BEAU & NILLA'S RESALE SHOP & MORE ..... Crocheted eggs, ferret crinkle sacks, shampoo, harnesses w/leashes, toys, homemade hammocks, crinkle snuggle sacks, circular beds, and many other items.

Used cages for sale.... all sizes .... carriers, too


WANTED: Volunteers I have the whole lower level of the house for the ferrets. Plenty of room to play. Also involves cleaning litterboxes & feeding. Volunteers are the backbone of ALL shelters. Little donations add up to BIG Miracles. People have asked me if I have a Wish List. I never thought of it before. But now that I think about it, I guess I do:


Melatonin Implants

Totally Ferret(Active, Complete, Turkey/Venison/Lamb

Wood Stove Pellets

Ferret Nation cages

Cable ties(best things to use to hold playpens together)

Gift certificates to gas stations. Gas is expensive! I go to Speedway with my Speedy Rewards card.

Big jar candles

Vet care donations (donations can be sent to Coit Animal Clinic, 1958 Coit NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505, phone 616/363-5530)

Thank you to those who cared enough to ask what I needed.

Tax deductible donations can be made to the West Michigan Ferret Connection through Support Our Shelters, a 501(c)(3) organization created to assist ferret shelters. You may contact Judith White @ 610/626-6647 at SOS (EIN#23-3062176) and designate your charitble donation for the West Michigan Ferret Connection.

Who We Are

The West Michigan Ferret Connection was established in October 2001. As of June 15, 2012, 487 ferrets have been re-homed.

In addition to WMFC, I am also one of the Founders of the Midwest Ferret Fellowship, a Michigan based group dedicated to educating and promoting the domesticated ferret as a companion pet. Visit our website at www.midwestferretfellowship.org

Adopting a friend

In my opinion, ferrets are best obtained by rescue, not from a pet store where ferrets are "sold" specifically for profit. I do not "sell" ferrets. I "re-home" them. They've already been "dumped" once and I want to make sure they are not "dumped" again. The ferrets under my care deserve to have a safe and secure "forever" home and I do everything I can to guarantee that. Ferrets aren't for everybody and I can't stress strongly enough that you should do your research. If you are interested in learning about ferrets, please feel free to contact me.

The best ferret reference (in my opinion) is FERRETS FOR DUMMIES.

I also high recommend researching ferrets on the Internet through www.ferretcentral.org

Effective November 1, 2010 a $20 surrender fee will charged for ferrets that do not have rabies certification.

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West Michigan Ferret Connection
1361 Oaklawn St NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: 616/447-2978

Email: wmfc2001@sbcglobal.net
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