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Questions to Ask Your Cat’s Vet

Jane Harrell, associate producer

We asked vets what questions they wished cat parents would ask during their cats’ exams. Here are their top recommendations:

Questions to Ask Your Cat's Vet


  • What do these changes mean? Ask about any changes you’ve noticed since your last visit, including changes in your cat’s behavior, eating habits, temperament, grooming habits, etc.
  • What’s going on with my cat’s litter box habits? Be sure to speak with your vet about any issues your cat is having with the litter box. Eliminating more or less than usual can be a sign of conditions such as a urinary tract infection, intestinal obstruction (which causes constipation) or kidney failure, which may cause your cat to urinate more or less and can be life-threatening if left untreated.
  • Has my cat’s weight changed? “Subtle changes in weight can be an early indicator of metabolic disease in cats,” says vet and Pawcurious blogger Dr. V. “By itself it may mean nothing, but it’s good to monitor weight for a trend in either direction.”
  • What vaccines do you recommend? The answer will vary depending on your cat’s lifestyle and your local regulations.
  • What food do you recommend? Your vet can help you identify which type of cat food (dry, wet or a combination of both; which basic ingredient, such as fish or beef; which brand) is best for your cat.
  • How are my cat’s teeth? Does your cat need to come in for a professional cleaning? And how does your vet recommend you care for your cat’s teeth between visits?

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