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Halloween can be a traumatic and even dangerous time for your pets. Here are our 8 best tips to protect them.

Winter can be a tough time for a dog’s paws. Prevent weather-related paw pad injuries by following these basic tips and the use of products designed for paw protection.

Check out these guidelines to keep your companion animal safe and warm when the temperature drops during the winter months.

My very vocal, very large and very blind cat, Homer, manages to sense the changing of the seasons before I do. To minimize imagination use (and for your viewing pleasure) here is typical Homer: Handsome, eh? So, I managed to go all day Sunday without noticing the time change, aside from being confused by the clock on the microwave telling …

Falling temperatures are no excuse to avoid outdoor exercise with your dog. Find out how to exercise your dog during the cold weather months here.

If you leave water out for your neighborhood cats, take a look at these tips for preventing freezing water in the cold months.

Last night the temperatures dipped and my foster cat Peyton climbed up to the head of the bed to burrow under the covers with me. Peyton slept there all night, curled tightly into my chest. In fact, she’s still under them as I write this. (See the picture to the right.) Not only is Peyton’s attempt to stay warm irresistibly …

When the weather outside is frightful, it can be difficult to exercise and train your pets safely and effectively. To help you navigate this winter, we’re hosting a special Ask the Experts Q&A! On Thursday, December 13, from 12-2 p.m. ET join us for our live Facebook Q&A, Ask the Expert: Winter Activities 101 when our expert, Leigh Siegfried, will …

The cold weather can be hazardous to pets. Make sure to follow these guidelines to protect your companion animal when the temperature drops.

When taking short winter trips to the dog park, the temperature and snow, among other things, can pose hazards to your pup. Find out how to protect your dog from winter dog park dangers here.