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Whether you bring your cat to the vet’s office or have a vet come to your home, check out these vet-recommended steps you can take to keep your cat calm during an exam.

Find out the top recommendations from vets when they were asked what questions they wished cat parents would ask during their cats’ exams.

If you are a ferret parent or caretaker, performing these assessments of your companion ferrets each month will ensure good health and preventative care.

Cats tend to have more subtle signs of illnesses than dogs. Learn some of the warning signs to look out for here.

August 22-28 is 2011’s Take Your Cat to the Vet Week! Read here why there is a need for Take Your Cat to the Vet Week.

Normally I would say without hesitation that I’m a good cat mom. I know a lot about the right things to do and do my best to follow through on my good intentions. Toby is a generally happy, well-adjusted cat who lives a great life. I feed Toby high quality food. I make sure he has multiple quality play sessions …

By Eric Gillaspy CPDT-KA   In order to see me for training, my clients and their dogs have to come to the veterinarian’s office. Most of the dogs LOVE the veterinarian’s office. It is a “win, win, win” for everyone from the dog, the dog’s owner, the veterinarian technician’s, and the veterinarian. About seven years ago, I started having “puppy …

Just as people are living longer than they did in the past, cats are living longer too. Find out what happens to cats as they get older and how you can help your senior cat stay happy and healthy.

Cats’ illnesses can have subtle symptoms, so if you wait until your cat is sick to take him to the vet, it might be too late. Find out the top 5 serious cat illnesses that only your vet can diagnose.