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Helping your cat maintain a healthy weight is an important part of regular cat care. Read this to learn the calorie counts for some popular cat treats.

Make this homemade hot weather treat to help your cats stay cool in the summer!

Helping your dog maintain a healthy weight is an important part of regular dog care. Discover the calorie counts of popular treats you might be feeding your dog.

Check out our favorite dog treat recipes including Cheese Balls, Super Simple Yum Drops, Liver Snaps, Shredded Roast Chicken with Stuffing and more!

Dog treats come in many varieties, so fighting the right treat for your dog may seem difficult. Find out what the right dog treat choice is for your dog here!

The best part of my job at the Petfinder Foundation is delivering grants to Petfinder members like HOPE Animal Shelter, which received a Summer Cooling grant to replace the misters in its dog play yards. I knew the misters were eventually going to help HOPE’s dogs be more comfortable in Tucson’s triple-digit heat — but I wanted to bring something …

Pupsicles are a cool treat that are fun for you to make and for you dog to enjoy! Check out the simple steps in this article.

Eric Gillaspy CPDT-KA   To treat or not to treat, that is a question that I get asked very frequently by my clients.  How often should I give her a treat?  When should I give her a treat?  What should I use for treat rewards?  Isn’t using food to train cheating?  I like to use a simple but very general …