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Dogs can be great companions for a trip, but you need to prepare before you get to the airport. Read these 10 tips to make your next flight dog-friendly!

Dogs can be great companions for a trip, but you need to prepare correctly to ensure your dog stays safe. Read these 10 tips to protect your pup!

If you plan on flying with your pet, ensure that your pet has a safe and comfortable air trip with these tips.

Taking your dog to the beach is a great activity for you and your pet. Enjoy the sun, sand and water; and follow these tips for keeping your canine companion safe.

If you need to go out of town, a boarding kennel can give your pet quality care. Learn the pros and cons of using a kennel, how to find a good one and how to prepare your pet for a stay at the kennel.

Finding a professional pet sitter shouldn’t be as nerve wracking as a visit from your in-laws. Read this checklist of what to look for and what to look out for when doing your initial research online.

For cats, seeing the cat carrier is often the first sign that something bad is about to happen. Creating positive associations with the carrier can help reduce your cat’s anxiety. Find out how here.

Getting your cat to the vet can be tricky if your cat hates the car. Check out these tips for creating positive car associations for your cat.

If you take your dog hiking, check out these tips for having a fun, yet safe hike.

It’s important to plan carefully ahead if you take your pet along with your family on trips. Check out these tips for air travel, road trips, travel documents and cat considerations.