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Home Forever Home Dogs Cats Independence is a quality often connected to cats. While they may be self-sufficient in a lot of ways, cats are social creatures. Respecting a cat’s individual personality is key to a successful relationship, as some cats may be more outgoing than others, just like people. If you’ve adopted a kitten, starting socialization as early as …

Fleeing for the safety of the nearest piece of furniture when company comes may be an indicator that your cat is under socialized. Learn more about feline socialization and how to improve it here.

Bringing A Cat Home

Kitten Development

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

A kitten is an infant; a cat under construction. It takes a while for a kitten to develop. Learn about the stages of kitten development here.

A cat’s personality is largely formulated in the first eight weeks of life. Leaving health issues to the veterinarian, find out what you can do to help set your foster kittens up for adoption success.

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Have you recently adopted a new puppy? Socializing him is important. Learn why and how to socialize your new puppy here.