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By tooth and nail, indoor cats can cause tremendous household destruction. Find out how to handle feline destruction here.

Shopping for a scratching post means confronting dozens of sizes, shapes and materials. Read these tips for choosing this vital accessory for your cat.

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Declawing cats has become a very controverisal surgical procedure. Find out about the risks of declawing your cat and alternatives that may be better options for you.

  Download Transcript Cats have an inherent need to scratch, usually to mark their territory. Knowing this is natural, it’s best to provide your cat with scratching toys from the day you bring her home. This can help deter her from claiming your favorite belongings.   Why do cats scratch? For the Predator, claws hold the prey while the mighty …

Learn why cats scratch and how to prevent and/or stop scratching.

Plastic allergies are a big problem as we are surrounded by plastic, so a plastic allergy in your cat should be treated appropriately. Learn more about plastic allergies in cats here.