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Anthrax is a systemic bacterial disease caused by a spore-forming organism known as bacillus anthracis. Learn about the dangers, diagnosis, transmissions, symptoms and treatments of anthrax here.

The National Animal Poison Control Center wants to educate vehicle owners on the safe use, storage and disposal of antifreeze to prevent accidental ingestion by animals. Check out these guidelines.

Accidents happen and, despite your best efforts, your animal companion can come into contact with a potentially poisonous substance. Find out how to be prepared in case of emergency.

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) provides expert diagnostic and treatment recommendations for animals who may have ingested toxic items. Find out more about the APCC here.

Birds are more adversely affected by smoke and gases than other mammals and special considerations must be taken to keep them safe. Check out bird poison prevention tips here.

One-cent coins minted after 1982 are made of copper plating around a core of potentially toxic zinc, which can cause kidney failure and damage red blood cells in pets. Learn more about it here.

When flea products designed for use only on dogs are applied to cats, the consequences could be deadly. Learn about the dangers of dog flea products on cats here.

Grape or raisin ingestion in dogs can make them sick, although not many people are aware of this. Read more about the harms of grapes and raisins in dogs here.

There are many unhealthy (and even dangerous) foods that tempt pets during the holidays. Check out these few things to keep in mind as you prepare your festivities.

Check out this one holiday list you can use to keep the furry members of your family happy and healthy this season.