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Small And Furry Care

Caring For Your Hamster

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

If you are looking to or have recently adopted a hamster, check out this information on the background of hamsters, housing, diet and general hamster care.

The best entertainment for your guinea pig is a friend as they are extremely social, herd animals who thrive in the company of other pigs. Find out more about guinea pig companionship.

The horse’s body condition measures the balance between intake and expenditure of energy. The Body Condition Scoring System can help measure body condition. Learn about it here.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. Learn more so you can remember and honor your pet gracefully.

Since cats, dogs and other animals commonly kept as pets do not live as long as humans do, owners must face the death of their beloved companions at some point. Learn how to deal with grief here.

A “rabbitat” is a safe, behaviorally enriching outdoor environment where displaced and rescued rabbits can live in groups and pursue their innate desire to dig. Learn more about rabbitats here.

Blind rabbits may need a little more extra care than seeing rabbits. Learn how to keep a blind rabbit comfortable and happy here!

Anyone who’s experienced, or even thought about, the death of a pet has wondered: What happens after my pet passes away? Three religions give their insight here.

Many animal care workers are unaware of the special needs of ferrets. Check out this information on housing, diet, behavior and general care for ferrets.

Dental hygiene for ferrets is a necessary, though not well understood part of regular ferret care. Learn how to properly take care of your ferret’s teeth here.